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1. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

So, only a few weeks till I go so South America and I have started to develop a major travel sickness bug again. I used to be ill all the time in cars and buses when I was younger. Spent almost 7 hours in a bus (2 x 3.5 hrs) yest and today I still feel awful.

Can anyone recommend something to help with this?

I know at altitude people take coca leaves. How exactly do they work?

Some people take pills and some people wear a bracelet of sorts. Any advice would be much welcomed as I don't want to spend days being sick and feeling crap.


2. Posted by flynn (Inactive 140 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Ever tried ginger?

Bracelets are not working - got that from Mythbusters - and pills containing antihistamine are said to cause side effect such as fatigue and lack of concentration.

Coca leaves are improving the bodys ability to absorb oxygen. Quite sure that's not helping against travel sickness :(

When on a diving safari I take Cinnarizine for a few days in the beginning, afterwards I seem to get used to the movement which is causing seasickness. It's a prescribtion drug in Germany, not sure about other countries

Good luck,


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Hi Tricky..

This may or may not help...

Im a smoker and i wont be able to travel for so long on a plane without a cigarette so i went to the doctor and got valiums....

If knocking urself out isnt the answer maybe he can give you something else specifically for upset stomach

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i took tablets and it helped.
if you can focus on the horizon this is normally a great help, but i know its not always practical. if you are in a coach/bus try and sit at the front so that you can look through the front window, or if not, still try focusing on the horizon if you are looking out of the side windows.

5. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

yep, I heard ginger was meant to be quite good for sickness. I will try that when available.
I had also read the comments on the horizon so where possible I will try that. Was kinda hoping the bracelet thing might work as that sounds nice and simple.

Will take a visit to the chemist and see what they say. Seems like I will be taking pills for a few things over there and just want to try and keep it to a minimum.

Thnaks for taking the time to respond though.

Any more potential solutions would be great.

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If you like ginger, it can be very helpful in settling your stomach, especially the crystalized ginger. It is coated with sugar which makes it much more palatable. (I can only handle ginger in very small amounts so it doesn't work for me.)

I use the seabands (bracelets) quite often when going out on dive boats. I'm fine on the way out but after a dive, the difference between depth and the surface triggers severe nausea. (I get off the boat and the ground moves for the next several hours.) The sea bands are inexpensive, are made of elasticized terrycloth and use a small plastic nub (which faces your inside wrist) to place subtle pressure on a particular pressure point. I love them. I found them very useful on a train ride in Jamaica too.

I also use Dramamine (Gravol) for boat, plane and car trips. They should be taken approximately an hour before traveling. If the motion sickness is severe, the use of both Dramamine and the sea bands should help greatly.

All the suggestions here are good ones and they all work. Good luck with the traveling and feeling good at the end of each journey!