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hey everyone, this is my first post!
I'll be living in Paris until December, taking lots of classes and working hard. This is not the first time I've lived here, so this time I'd like to get out of the city a bit more on the weekends. Does anyone have any ideas for cheap places that are easy to get to from here? Specifically, I'll need to go to Switzerland at some point to break up a tourist visa. Anything exciting happening in Switzerland in early November or late October? Also, a friend of mine who's never been to Europe before will be visiting me in the middle of October. As he has pretty thin blood (from Florida...) I was hoping to find some place warmer than Paris where we can go to get away from my unheated apartment. Does anyone here live in Paris? Where do you go for a weekend trip?

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easyjet have some cheap flights from Paris to the south of France and it does not take too long to get there.
Or you could always jump on a train and visit other regions of France.
Le massif central is a gorgeous place.

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I don't think it will be warm in early november anywhere near paris. You could always go to girona, near barcelona, from the beauvais airport or something, but it wills till be cold. However, warmer than central france

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so many thinks to do !
London by Eurostar
Berlin with EasyJet
The south of France is especially nice in October, because it's warmer, and very nice. try Cannes, Nice, Monaco. By TGV !
Try the spain, Barcelona or Madrid.
Portugal, Lisboa....

Have a nice week end ;-)

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I loved Normandy. I stayed in Caen and travelled out from there.