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One of my friends and I are keen geographers and love to travel. This guy though has travelled to pretty much every country in Europe and I asked him how his parents afforded it. His dad works for Tear Fund and they don't appear to have a hugely expensive lifestyle.

They stay in youth hostels and the like, and fly with companies like Ryanair. They go to Estonia/Prague and all kinds of places just for the day or weekend. We have a day off school on Wednesday and my friend, and another friend are going to Berlin for the day, and they are paying for themselves and its costing them £50 each.

I brought this up with my dad and wondering how easy it would be to go somewhere for the day or something because I want to go to a load of odd countries (Estonia being one of them) which aren't the sort of places you go on holiday to!

How do you go about organising such trips? Naturally travel brochures aren't much help!


Oh, and Iceland. This guys family went on holiday to ICELAND this summer . Yeah...Since I want to study geology at university Iceland is a country that I have always wanted to visit, perhaps even more than Australia! Its a geological wonderland. How on Earth does one afford to go out there? They do everything on the cheap and I wanna know how they do it!

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If you can find a flight very early in the morning and another one quite late at night the forthcoming day you'll be okay, else i don't think it would be worth it

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It's not so difficult to go on trips like this, you just need to find cheap flights and book into a hostel. So for Estonia for instance, you can get return flights from London to Talinn with Easyjet for about £50 or so. Through you can find hostels for less than £10 a night. So you could get a two night trip to Talinn for £70 not including the money you spend on food and other minor costs. A website for a budget airline and are all you need.

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Hello Sam:)

What I do is keep an eye out for special offers, on the budget airline sites and bargain train tickets on the German(I live in Germany) train site.

However, 1 day is very short. I would recommend staying 2 nights at least, if u fly to a destination in Europe.
If u just have only one day, take a train or car journey, to someplace that takes 1 or 2 hours to get to from where u live.

Hostels are easy to find. Just google the city u want to go to and hostels. That will bring up a list.

Here is an example of a trip I took. I flew to Prague from Munich, for 29 euros each way including tax. I then stayed in a hostel on the first night, for 18 Euros. The second night, I stayed out all night at a club, so did not need any accomodation. There are a couple of other expenses, like getting to and from airports. This can vary from 2 Euros to 12 depending on which city in Europe u are in.


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dublin is one option which could be feasible for a day as it's a short flight. i'm going in december for the day - flying out early on the saturday morning and returning late saturday night, for £20 return with Ryanair.