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I know there is a lot of info. on the net regarding WHV's, but I really need to be sure as to much money I need to have in my account before I can be issued with a WHV. I'm sending away a statement that reads A$4070 in my account. Now, considering I already have a job and a place to stay when I arrive in the UK, should this help my cause? Will $4000 be enough?

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Nope, unfortunately not.
You must show your proof of the equivalent of 2000GBP when you apply for the visa.
Then, you must also show your proof of 2000GBP to the guy at immigration when you go thru passport control at London/wherever you land.
(That's about $5300AUD I think at the moment).
I was advised this buy a rep from the British High Commission who was at a YHA travellers info night I attended in Brisbane a few months ago.
He guaranteed me I wouldn't get the visa issued without those funds (and proof of them in the form of a bank statement).
Think you may need to beg/borrow/steal the money from your folks/friends, then you can give it back to them once you have the bank statement issued. But what will you do to get thru passport control at London? Same thing perhaps?
I'd suggest you should stay home a little longer and save more money. Trust me, you'll need it!
Also see the reply I posted to you in your other thread, I just realised you're the same poster :)

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Thanks for the info in both threads, Scubabe!
I remember calling the British High Commision about 8 weeks ago and I was informed that all I needed was A$3000 in my bank account to apply for a WHV. However, I'm more inclined to take your advice as I want to be CERTAIN I will get the visa - I've paid for the plane ticket, so I absolutley have to have that visa approved.
I'm planning on selling my car about 4 weeks out from my departure, therefor I'm positive of having enough $$$ on arrvial in the UK. It's just scrounging around for the money now so that I can send away a bank statement with the correct amount needed.
Man, I'm doomed if I get this visa knocked back!!

ps: I do have a return ticket organised - will this help my cause at all?

4. Posted by Scubabe (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

That's so weird that they told you on the phone you'd only need $3K to apply. The guy I met and spoke to said I needed the whole amount to get the visa approved.... sigh
I too will be selling the car and furniture 3-4 weeks before departure so intend to get most of my funds from the sale of those items. I was quite shocked to hear I needed the proof of funds just to apply - I was assuming I could apply with no bank statement, and just show funds upon entry to UK so was erally surprised to hear the procedure.
Did you know that you can fly to Canberra and get your visa approved same day? So you could always wait until you have sold your car and then grab an el cheapo fare on virgin blue and zip to Cberra for the day. A friend of mine got hers that way just last month and is now in London and working and loving it. She was smart enough to get over there while they're still in Summer, I don't arrive till Nov and it's going to be bitterly cold and a big shock to my system :)
I's advise scrounging for the funds if possible - maybe borrow it off a credit card and deposit into your bank account, then get a statement ordered (if you phone your bank they will cut you a statement that night and post it out) then once you have the statement, withdraw those funds and put them back onto the credit card? Just one idea anyway.
PS You can include with your visa app a copy of your itinerary (showing proof you've paid for your ticket) and that might hold some sway, but you will still need $2000GBP for entry and Heathrow...