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We are incorporating a trip to the Phillippines & Indonesia into our RTW travels. I am currently in the process of getting quotes together for our flights and have a question about flying into and out of these places. We are going to visit both areas in between Australia and Thailand

We plan to spend 1 month (this is the maximum here) travelling around Lombok, Bali, The Gilis and hopefully Komodo Island

Again spending approx 1 month (I think this is the maxiumum you can spend here) travelling around the various islands.

I have a few questons on this below:

    Is if best to fly / is it possible to fly direct from Australia (probably Sydney) to Bali?

Where are the options to fly into and out of in Indonesia? It seems a little pointless flying into and out of Bali and having to backtrack if you can fly out of another area.

    Is is best to have a 'break' between each area? For example going Indonesia - Singapore - overland through Maylasia - Phillippines - Thailand

Again do you have to fly into and out of Manila from the mainland or are there other options to save you backtracking?

We want to incorporate these areas within our 12 month RTW ticket as this seems the cheapest way to visit them. We plan to arrive in SE Asia around February 2009 and our tickets will expire at the end of May so we want to ensure we fit them in between these months if possible.

Many thanks for your help


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hi Again

I think I had no responses as the question was too complicated !! I have done a little more research into the Phillipines part and think that Cebu and Manila are both international airports .. right?!

Because we haven't really planned this part of our trip in full yet as it's too far away I just want some advice on where would be best to fly into and out of to get the best option for travelling around.. maybe fly into Manila and out of Cebu??

I don't really intend to plan much more than this until way nearer the time but obvioulsy need to get the flights part planned in advance of this. We can purchase internal flights as and when we need them on top of this where necessary!

Thanks for any advice on both this and the Indonesia part!


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Ok Sophie here is a little information. Both Cebu and Manila are international airports and you can even fly into Mindanao which is the southern part of the Philippines. Well Manila is thebest option for Luzon - thta is Baguio and the rice terraces and Puerto Gallera. Cebu is closer to Boracay and Palawan. BTW do some resarch on the indonesian flights. They are currently banned from flying into the EU because og safety issues. Check if your airline has a good safety reord.


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Flores is the jumping off point from Komodo Island. I flew from Bali to Labuanbajo, which is where you will need to get a boat to Komodo island. I can't remember how much my flights were unfortunately. Flights don't take too long. I think it is difficult not to backtrack in Indonesia, however i think it is possible to get to Palawan from somewhere in Indonesia which might save you backtracking, i am not sure how you would do it though, you would have to research that some more.

For the Philippines, Cebu and Manila are the main hubs. Visiting Bohol for eg is best from Cebu, so you should decide where you want to go in the Philippines before you decide where to fly into. I flew Manila>Boracay>Cebu>Manila. Also for the Philippines, you get a 21 day visa on arrival, and then you can extend it by something like 36 days. It is quick and easy to do in Boracay and a few other places. If you need more info send me a mail.

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Yup, it actually depends on where you plan on going once in the Philippines. I believe there are flights from HK to Cebu, then from Cebu you can get yourself to most of the famous islands in the Philippines - Boracay, Bantayan, Bohol, Camiguin, etc.

There are certain flights that are better coming from Manila, though. Best to check the main airlines -,, and - for their main routes and timetables so you can plan your trip better.

I'm not sure about Indonesia, but if wouldn't think there are flights from Bali to another country that would connect to a flight into the Philippines. That might be your other option if you don't want to fly back to Jakarta just to get to Manila/Cebu.

Do holler if you have other questions :) I'd be happy to help you out.

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thanks for all the advice that has helped enormously.

I've found out I am a little limited with the Phillipines flights because the company I am opting for only fly to Manila but this doesn't seem to be too much of a problem I'll just have to get an internal to Cebu if needed (which is looks like it might be!)

I'll keep investigating and may come back with some more questions in the future.

Thanks again