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1. Posted by hamjunkie (Budding Member 62 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Ok so after 6 months in India the next logical step seemed to be Israel but on arriving i'm really all a bit lost as to how to find cheap accomadation, work etc! i speak only a little hebrew am not jewish and could really do with ANY advice people might feel useful....PLEASE

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I have stayed in Jerusalem at the el arab in the old city next to the dramacus gate cheap and ok for a backpacker especially the roof top. Concerning Tel aviv I had the same problem, accomodation is quite expensie in general.

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Well, you've come at a time when the country is FULL of tourists (something like 7000 Christians, for instance, are in Jerusalem this week in addition to all the other tourists and families that come for Sukkot), so accommodation of any kind comes at a premium and prices of everything have gone up (also due to the current loss of value of the US dollar).

The next comment is this: if you are not a citizen, it is simply illegal for you to work in Israel. Now, you might find something under the table in Tel Aviv, but if you're caught, you could easily be deported and asked not to return. This is NOT a place for non-citizens to just pop in and work for a while - we already have too many citizens who are unemployed to give work to others... and we already have a huge problem with illegal workers - you simply don't want to get caught up in that!

What you could try doing is volunteering on a kibbutz for a while. Though you won't make any "real" money, at least you'll have accommodation, food and some pocket change provided... as well as perhaps a few trips around the country here and there. You'll need to give them at least one month and probably more.

Hope that helps and is not too discouraging.


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Illegal shmeligal :) if you still need a friendly advice send me a message

Have a nice trip dude