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Wat up?
Ready for another one?
This one was in Panama City, Panama. I went out to run about 10pm. I know just about the dummest thing you can do right? But I figured I'm a black belt if i need it, and nobody's dumb enough to mess with a guy running! It was really exciting. People don't see alot of americans down there i guess. kinda the same reaction as the fist post. I ran right through the downtown market. I wanted to see the ocean part at night so I decide to cut through some barrios. Not too bright there.
I have never been in a more creepy place! the occasional street light only lit up how bad this place was. there were three story buildings on either side. Some one yelled down to me "this is my slum dude you better not come back here"! Don't worry you can have it, LOL.
The whole place smelled like marajuana.
after a little while I came to the royal palace where there were guards stationed every two blocks. one of the guards called me over and asked me to take a cup of soup and a roll to the next guard down because he could not leave his station. I did. The guy was very grateful. Maybe I should start my own delivery buisness? I finally got to the board walk. the moon lit up the famous sky line, the light house guided in the boats waiting to cross the canal. I ran under a walkway lit by old fashioned lamps with vines growing overhead!! It just too perfect! I met up with a championship boxer from colombia and we chatted ( is that a word?) as we ran.
On the way back a heavy rain came in. it was awesome! as I came back though A couple of guy infatically called me over. They cleared a seat at the out door bistro and warned me not to keep running!! They said because I didn't have a shirt on that was a sign that I was a part of a major Panamanian drug gang and the cops were sur to pick me up. They offered to call me a taxi! Word to the wise don't run in panama with out a shirt! I made back to camp fine after finally persuading them to let me go!! LOL!

What a Run, yeah? I know it may sound like I'm lying but I'm not all of these things really happened to me just like that!!

Thanx for reading


PS. I didn't think any one would read it on the other post. and I didn't type all this so no one would read it!

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Hey Josh - interesting story!

Just so you know, I deleted this entry from the first running thread as we have a Forum Rule (#6) about duplicate postings. Since the postings were identical, one had to go. Please continue to post additional stories in this thread rather than starting a new thread for each new story. Those reading will come back here to see what's new. Thanks!! ;)

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my bad;)

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