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Currently i'm in Puerto Cabello to get my car back with hundreds of troubles so far.

So only 1 thing left,

Get my car back.

it's basically easy, find a custom agency and ask them to get my car back, that's all.

but to do that, the custom agency should be reliable.

I found a custom agency and he said it will cost 7,500,000 Bolivar(it's almost 2,000 USD for the black market change rate, almost 3,800 USD for the official rate)!!!!

The price of My car is just 6,000 USD!!!

So tomorrow morning i have to go out to find another cutstom agency.

In fact, if anyone want to send a car to south america, do not send a car to Venezuela.
Caracas is a hell, All Venezuelan peoples are not friendly at all.
I feel really sick to be here.

If anyone knows about the cost for custom clearance and etc., please let me know.


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sorry but not surprised about your problem.
there are agents who are using your situation and will make a profit,maybe even together with the custom person in charge.
the situation in Venezuela is very bad this days and will get worse...

My only advise is go to the Marina(yachthaven)you cant miss it since the marina is in the middle of town and look to get in contact with sailors.This people know always the best deals for everything,they also need agents for many things,like importing spare parts.
wish you good luck,and believe me,not all people in Venezuela are unfriendly.

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If planning to drive to or within South America, plan your journey well ahead...I belong to two Yahoo on line user groups with websites moderated by experienced RV travellers to Latin America***, mostly Central America and Panama, but many are planning South America adventures this and next year..always go in a caravan if possible or with a travel companion or two...South America is an enormous continent, you'll require time and sufficent funds for your journey, plan well ahead, especially if driving from USA or Canada.

  • **For the site urls message me.