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I just started a thread about working in england over the summer, which turns out won't work, but I may have the chance to spend 2 weeks in england this winter that covers Christmas and New Years. It will be just me and my friend, we're both 17, and we're not exactly sure how to fill up our 2 weeks. Part of me feels like we should plan everything ahead of time to minimize stress, but also I'd really like to just sort of go with the flow and go where we feel like it when we feel like it, but that may be a problem when it comes to accommadation since out goal is to just stay at the least expensive places we can find. We'll be flying in and out of London and there are a few things that we definitely want to see. We want to spend at least a few days in London, then head north and go to York and maybe some sea side areas in North Yorkshire. My friend also insists that we make a "pilgrimage" to Sheffield because thats where Arctic Monkeys are from (yes, shes a little crazy but is very persistent). Does anyone have any advice for us about travelling in England and what we should see? Also advice on how to spend Christmas and New Years would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey ya Gub!

Where shouldn't you go to spend time in the UK?! :)

York is beautiful, Cornwall is stunning, I'm spending Christmas over there this year with my relatives.

You've got to go to Edinburgh! It's beautiful there, and if you get the chance to see a Cathedral do it!!

Whatever you do you're bound to have a great time in the UK!!

have fun!! ;)


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Hiya Gub. What's your budget for the fortnight?

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I'm afraid I don't have a very big budget. I've saved 2500 american dollars, so after the plane ticket I'll have bout 1500 for everything else.

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North Wales! Great if you want to be my the sea and there's some fantastic castles....

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So - about £350 quid a week. That's £50 a day. Should be enough.

Trains are expensive, so use the cheap bus services - megabus and national express - where you can. Book in advance to get the cheapest fares - they go down to £1 each way if you book early enough.

Book your accomodation in advance because it gets busy over Christmas and New Year.

London will eat your money if you're not careful. The big museums are free - Natural History, Science Museum, British Museum and Victoria and Albert are all worth a visit, and the Tate Bankside is definitely not to be missed, particularly if you have even a vague interest in Modern Art.

Just wandering around London can be good entertainment - A good half-day's walk could take in the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Cathedral, St James's Park, Buckingham Palace and some of Hyde Park maybe.

Buy an Oyster card - costs £3, but tickets are much cheaper once you've bought it. (e.g. £1.50 for a standard tube trip, as opposed to £4).

The Generator is a popular, fun and reasonably cheap centrally located hostel, but book well in advance.

Chinatown is a fun experience and great food.

Edinburgh and Brighton are my favourites for New Years, I think you have to book tickets for Edinburgh these days.

If you want to see some pretty countryside, the Lake District is lovely. For stunning countryside, the Scottish highlands are your best bet. Either are going to be cold (as is the Yorkshire coast in late December!).

Sheffield is not as bad as you might think, and good for an indie night out.

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Thanks for your replies. You have definitely been helpful. I guess right now I'm not as worried about what to do and see since there should be plenty, but I'm afraid we're going to get there and meet people and change our minds on where to go. Should I just not worry about that and instead plan where we'll be everyday and staying each night?

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I think the worry is that you won't find places to stay, as accomodation gets booked up around Christmas time. I would plan where to stay ahead if I were you, particularly as you're going to need to find cheap rooms.

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Honestly, you should probably be looking for places and booking right now. I think I'm heading over to London for a week or two to visit some friends during New Years. I've heard for years about Edinburgh so I think I'll be paying a visit. If you travel by National Express coaches (which I highly recommend) make sure you have enough time between destinations. Being that they are coach buses, they take much longer than trains but are hella' cheaper. If you stay in London for even 3 days, the Oyster card will be your best friend. Trust me. Although London is a lovely walking city. Are you not interested in the southern coast? Brighton? Portsmouth? Isle of Wight? I myself will be spending a little time in Bournemouth. I hear nothing but good things about the South.

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Hello Gru:)

I think u could make a loose plan, as u already have.
Book the first hostel now on the internet.
Then when u get there, let the next destination be determined by which hostels are open, at that time of year. When u arrive in London, u can then book the next hostel, from there.
Here is a link, to an inexpensive hostel in London, which Aharold(another member of this site) recommended a couple of months ago.

For the destination after London, just google hostels and the name of the city and a list will come up.

If u are flying anywhere, u should book the flights now. Christmas is a busy time for airlines. The flights may get booked up.


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