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1. Posted by SarahD---- (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


Could do with some advice, my boyfriend and i have just booked our flights to Thailand going form the 16 Dec to Jan 9th arriving in Bangkok, so will be there for x mas and new year. Yay!!!!

We def want to spend new year in Koh Samui but thats all we have decided as yet................ do you think we should book ALL accomomadation before we go as it wil be so busy over x mas??? . . . . or wait till we get there. Same with the flights from Bangkok do you think i should book all these first or are the flights regular once your there and available??

This Full Moon Party is sounding v interesting - tell me more.... where , when etc???

Any other recomendations??

All dvice will be very appreaciated.

Thanks People . Enjoy your journeys!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Posted by Mohammad_Amir (Inactive 160 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

definitely book beforehand... until of course u r too adventurous to put ur backpack and walk all around the town ORRR u dont have budget considerations.... :)

flights... hmm.. u can book them online... i don't know the situation after the Phuket crash a few days ago... there might be some shortage of flights coz of grounding of some planes...

All the best & have a safe trip ... :)


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Hello Sarah:)

I would recommend Koh PhaNgan for the full moon party.
It is just a few hours boat ride from Koh Samui. Personally, I did not like Koh Samui at all, but Koh PhaNgan was lovely.
I dont know if it is necessary to book everything in advance, around Christmas and the New Year.
I was never in Thailand, at that time.
If u want to prebook accomodation on Koh PhaNgan, u could stay at the following place and book it on the internet.
They provide transport to the full moon parties, for around 4 Euros.


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6. Posted by gandk (Full Member 100 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi there, i was there in the same area at the same time last year, i would highly recomend you stay well clear of koh samui at cristmas and new year its not a thai expirence at all! its an over run, over developed dirty resort now days, full of brits on tour drinking stella and packed beaches. there are some nice places on the island like budda beach etc away from the main drag of chwang beach.

depends what your after if you want drinking and night out and shopping with no thai culture at all then samui is ok, if you want to see the nice side of thailand and quite beach nice restarants and picture post card stuff then stay well clear of samui, personally i hated samui as you may be able to tell but so did my girl friend. You can have a much better thai style night out (beach party etc on koh panyang or koh tao)

I did visit samui 6 years ago and thought it was ok then but has changed a lot, lots more highrise way busyer, more brits drinking stella, and seems to have turned into a chav resort.

We spent christmas and new year on Koh tao, a smaller island just above koh samui 2 hour boat ride while doing a scuba diving course. We had a great night on the beach all the bars were out on the beach like a mile long beach party with fire works etc an amazing night!!

the other option may be Kohpanyang which is much nicer than koh samui some resorts can be very quite but nice, had rin beach is where the full moon party is prob a good party on new year too. Prob worth booking a nice place there (most nice places to stay are away from had rin) if you get a good recomendation, soz but i can't remeber where i stayed, (north east corner very nice but v quite)

Depends where you want to stay and your budget if you want to book in advance or not, i didn't and there was no probs we always found somewhere with no real hassle, although koh samui is all over priced hotels on chwang beach so you will need to book to go there (but please don't bother going there its pants).

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See you over there Sarah! Im leaving Aus on 10th Dec and will be at Had rin for FMP by the sounds of it.

Has anyone actually had experience with Koh Phan Yang around New Years + FMP without bookings?
I was hoping I would be able to just take a wander till I find something, but Im not particularly keen to pay more the $20 US for the nights Im there. Maybe arrive 3 days Before hand.


P.S. Finally going on my SEA trip Yes!!

8. Posted by mac1234 (Full Member 110 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

there shouldnt be a problem finding aircon rooms 2-3 days before but fan rooms will most likely be booked out. if your willing to spend $20 a night you should be able to get decent rooms easily. they are having full moon parties on christmas and new years eve this year! oh and if your there a week before or after the full moon id check out the half moon party, twice as good as full moon in my opinion!

9. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 465 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Dec is high season but you will be able to find something everywhere but your budget may fly out the window.

I think that Samui is totally overrun and spoilt especially in December - having said that I flew in about 4 years ago on Christmas Eve and got a beach room - that would now cost about 3000 baht or more.

If you like to party etc you will probably enjoy Samui - it's reminiscent of Ibiza without the clubs...and Sangrilla.

The problem with booking everything in advance is you restrict your freedom of choice so much when you get there - you feel obliged to move on etc because you've already paid for the room - try and leave some fluidity in your plans - leave room for the unexpected.