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Interesting as always, Howie.

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Quoting Sam I Am

Howie87, this information would be much better off in a blog than on the forums. The forums are more of a discussion platform, whereas this is more of a one way stream of information. Great information, don't get me wrong, it just isn't very well suited to the forum!

It was my fault. Sorry.
I asked him to post his travel news here so we could all read it.
His trip is so cool and adventurous. :)
Would u Private Mail the emails to me instead in future Howie.

Arif, to answer your question.
The guy who traveled in the 60s amazed me, because he was just so fearless. He may have taken a few too many risks with his safety, like I think Howie does, but the stories were amazing. He stumbled through 2 wars, found himself in 2 prisons and finally made it to India overland with a dose of Hepatitis. I dont know if it is travel adventure or travel nightmare but he was an interesting guy to listen to.


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