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I have an opportunity to apply to an exchange program and I'm considering Ghana. I'm currently studuing development and international co-operation in Gothenburg University in Sweden and want to continue to read development studies in the University of Cape Coast. I would love some info about Ghana, the ghanian people and culture. I've never travelled in Africa before. What to expect as a white (I mean really white. Like a ghost.) woman. Anything special I should think about? Tips in general?
Thanks a lot!

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Really? No one? Ok then..

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I spent a month there in 2005 and I loved it :) Im dreaming of the days when my bank account will let me fly back.

The people are amazing, the food isn't... As a white female travelling alone, I think you'll feel safe. I met a few female travellers and they seemed to be doing just fine!

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Thank's! Evrywhere I've read about Ghana it says that they are among the most friendly people you can find but it's good to hear the experiences from people who's been there and can give a little more details about what to expect in culture and so on. It's sad to say, but in Sweden we kind of lack a culture in some ways. Ofcourse people meet with friends and family and go out and and listen to music, eat and so on. But we are a bit reserved and low key (except in the bar!) so everywhere I go in the world tend to be a bit of a culture shock! With the white-woman-aspect I wasn't really worried that it would be a problem, but anywhere I go in the world I like to know if there is anything in perticular that I should think about so I don't offend someone without even knowing it, or making a total fool of myself.. I welcome more info! Anything and everything!

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hi fia,it's splended that u gave choosen Ghana as your destination for your exchange you have already learned about country is a very loving and a warm country.the people a friendly full with rich culture,peace, and what not.well i am ready to offer u any info u might need to know about Ghana.the people,wheather,finance,culture,tourist centres and many many more.mail me back,we will start from there.
warm regards

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hello are you gyus still chatting? Bashidan i'd have a couple questions for you. let me know if and where we can chat. I'm thinking Bamako to Lagos in 4 months, starting this november.....