what should I do to survive when I go back to Vancouver?

Travel Forums North America what should I do to survive when I go back to Vancouver?

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I couldn't sleep last night, i was thinking of the past six months i spent in Vancouver...

Vancouver is a very beautiful city, ppl are really nice,...i feel honored to have the opportunity to study there, what can i say...? this city seems to be perfect...

However, I am a Beijing girl, my hometown is bustling, populated and polluted, ppl are cynical and arrogant, although Beijing is not that perfect, it's still the best for me...I just love seeing ppl rushing for their lives which encourages me to accompulish my goals; I love listening to all the noise which makes me feel my life is real; I love associating with Beijing ppl who always say "i dont care" but are really fragile inside...Beijing is such a great combination of old and new, it's not only extremely modern and urbanized, but also very hisotrical...most importantly, the city has potential to be the best city in the world, everywhere is changing, life can never be bored here, my mind can always be refreshed...\

Vancouver is so different to me...the climate is mild, the atmosphere is clean, ppl are always smiling, the pace moves relatively slow, most part of the city is tranquil...I should have been really happy to live here, but i'd been feeling lonely and depressed all the time...

ppl think girls like me, who is beautiful, smart, and mature should have nothing to worry about, but i do a lot...Very soon, I'll say goodbye to the fabulous nightlife in Beijing and go study in Vancouver again...to be a world traveller, I am capable enough to be assimilated to different culture, and I am strong enough to live the lonliness...The thing is, it hurts so much...

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I send you HUGS!

Leaving home for a completly different way of life is definately hard... but ya know what? You'll be going back to Bejing once it's all said and done so just roll with it and see where it takes you. I've never been to Vancouver, so I can't comment on it, but I understand how something can be great, yet not the place for you at the same time.

You should definately come to Montreal sometime - sounds like it's very different from Vancouver. Not to say that the city is disgustingly dirty and everyone here is rude ( :) ), but just because it's pretty fast-paced. Canadians in general are pretty laid back, but you can always find a cynical person here. LOL, I don't think i'd ever get hired to do an ad campaign for the city, now will I? ;) But the nightlife is great here, I've never been anywhere else on Earth that compares!

I hope you have fun while studying on the west coast...and HUGS again! (you can never have too many hugs :) )

Katie ;)

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You should move to Toronto if you want surly people always in a hurry...

I have spent a lot of time living in different cities. I have found the key to surviving in a place that is different from home is immersing yourself in what the city has to offer. In Vancouver, I would say that is the outdoor sports stuff. I would take up kayaking and hiking and skiing, and get out and do it as often as you can. That way you are getting the best of what the city has to offer, instead of spending your time downtown comparing it to Beijing (which, I am sure, it can't hold a candle to).


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Hi! I live in Vancouver. It IS very laid back, compared to Ontario. But I love the mountain and the ocean. I couldn't live without it.

There is actually alot to do here. Great clubbing. Lots of outdoors stuff. Mind you....I've been out of that scene for the longest time, what with having a child now. ;)

There's is always no place like home. My cousin lives in Windsor, Ontario. NOTHING to do there. Ghost town almost. But her heart is there.

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I have visited Beijing briefly and have been living on the West Coast of Canada for 3 years now. My visit to Beijing and other places overseas are the reason I decided to more away permanently- I realized how much more was going on out there than the small circle I had created for myself at home. I agree that there is such a difference between the two places. A lot of people say that Vancouver is hectic, and maybe compared to Vancouver island or other less populated areas it is.....I had never seen anything like Beijing before and was completely blown away- an incredible city.

Being away from home is never easy, but for someone who is interested in travel and life experience, its a matter of perspective. I have a hard time being away from home and I miss the familiarity of things. However the only thing worse for me is the risk of my life becoming predictable and repetitive. I will be travelling to Costa Rica in the fall and look forward to the discomforts- its all part of the experience. Try and enjoy whatever is next for you and appreciate Vancouver for its differences, if only to show you the positive aspects of life in your home city.
Best of Luck.

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thank u guys so much for supporting...i am back in Vancouver now, and i found life is goin' up..i dress up everyday, becuz i love fashion so much, it just feel so good to be stylish for me...and i keep on doin' things that make me happy, keep on opening up my heart to ppl who are interested in me:) yeah...things are goin' great here...becuz i know, if i don't help myself, nobody can help me...:) and also i know, i control my life, after making accomplishment here, i will go to wherever i want, espeically Beijing:)