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1. Posted by ZH (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi All,

Im a 26 yo fit Aussie professional needing an extended break from life. Im looking at heading off some time early to mid 2005. Departing from Australia (but willing to meet up on the way). Initially would like head to Thailand and trek/tour from Bangkok to the north eg. Burma/Golden Triangle area. After this will head back to the Thai coastal islands (eg. Phuket etc.) for some sun and party/relaxing etc. After this will head to Northern India and go on a guided tour/trek to Nepal. Once in Nepal I plan to trek to Mt Everest Base camp. After this head back to the coastal islands off India (eg. Mauritius, Seychells etc) for a while. Then fly to London and tour ALL of the Uk for a while - maybe a big Contiki tour (Greek Islands, France, Spain, Italy etc, maybe also Scandinavia?) or something....fairly flexible. After this, head to America and tour from LA to NY...stopping off in New Orleans, Grand Canyon, Vegas etc etc....and maybe onto Bahamas. Time away would be around 6-8 months and cost would be around the $20 000 + AUS mark. I am extremely flexible and open to other suggestions. I dont mid going on my own, however, a companion would be great. This will be a no bullshit bloody great trip. You must be finanacially secure.



2. Posted by kerbs (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Zane,

I'm a 32/m from Canberra, also in the 'thinking' stage of a big trip next year. I'm only looking at 2 months max but I do want to cram some crazy experiences in in that time.

My initial plans at this stage have actually been to do a mountain bike tour of Nepal & Tibet, fly to Beijing and catch trans-siberian to Moscow, and then mountain bike through Europe for a month with a tent and a sleeping bag, stopping at a hostel every three or four days to have a shower and a night out... I do alot of adventure racing by the way, hence why i'm leaning towards mountain biking and camping.

I am also open to other ideas, but must say that Thailand/Burma & places like that don't really do much for me.

Other ideas would be get a motorbike licence and hire motorbikes to ride round Europe, but that one's a long shot.

Anyway, let me know what you think... Even if we thought about doing a part of a trip together. I did Contiki European Vista last year and even though it was an absolute ball, I'm keen to see how cheaply I can do it next time (and that's not due to lack of money btw )



3. Posted by bob flinn (Full Member 173 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Great idea, include Fiji, and both islands of NZ if you haven't done NZ, just before you get home, right place and right time for both.
The Kontiki type tours get a bit boring with the other travellers and a timetable that doesn't let you dpend time someplace you want to.
Travelling the world alone means you get to know the local people everywhere much better, travel with a companion can be just 2 people talking together and 'seeing' the world not getting into the culture, OK for some I suppose.
Living with the hilltribes in the north of Thailand is great, take the train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai, stay there for a while and unwind, learn Thai Massage at the ITM school, see their web site, visit the night markets and pick up all the cheap clothing etc you will want fot the next bit of the journey, then go on a trek through the hill tribes area. I would then head for Goa, on to Bangalore and work up to Rajasthan, (Jaipur and that area is great). From there you can hop over to Turkey making your way to Istanbul, up through Bulgaria, Romania, etc to Poland, cross into Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, (Rotterdam and Amsterdam are a must), to Denmark, on to the UK and you can hire or buy a cheap cycle or walk round the areas you want to see, mostly using the Youth hostel system, the Lake district is a 3-4 day' must do' and in Scotland the best is seen if you do Edinburgh, and then up to the north and down the west of the country to Prestwick, plane to USA - do the mid west for a taste of the real USA, Grand Canyon, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and down into north Mexico and then Fiji for home.

I am off on holiday tomorrow for two weeks, if you want to keep in touch get back to me and I will continue to help with the plan, sort the outline then fillin details and change it all as you go along, by the people you meet and the places you stay.