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My name is Julia, I am german but am travelling back and forwards from germany to australia for the last 3 yrs. Reason being is I am trying to get registered/enrolled as a nurse in NSW. My uncle and aunt and soon to be husband are Aussies. I am supposed to go back home in 7 days but on friday I found out that the nursing board has some problems with my paperwork (again, its 18 months now since the whole application process started!) and my last employer,which is an australian hospital. I worked there 3yrs ago while I was in Australia on a WHV. So my family and I were thinking how I could stay longer here to sort things out. Its easier to do it while I am here instead of me going back home and then trying to get in contact with my last employer etc. Well somehow we had this idea to apply for a tourist visa, since I am here as a visitor and cant extend my ETA. I did apply on saturday for a tourist visa (3months) even so I know I have only 7 days left and supposedly you need to apply at least 2 weeks prior. So now I am sitting here and having doubts. I dont think Ill get this visa, it said the processing time is 2-10 days. Can I apply for a bridging visa until they decide if I get the 3 months tourist visa? Should I call the embassy or go to the nearest office and explain my situation? Also when I try to check the status of my application online I get an error message, saying the TRN provided does not match my info. WHats going on? I just want to get everything done, so I can work and get married. Its very frustrating.
Does anyone know what to do?
Thanks for your help, its very much appreciated!!!


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If nothing else works, you can always hop over to New Zealand and then return to Australia on the same (previous) ETA for another three months (since it's valid for a year, even though you can only stay for three months at a time).
But yes, definitely go to the nearest office (or just call them). The error message by itself should be reason enough to do that. Then if they say something about you not having applied "two weeks prior", you can explain about the rest of the stuff. Chances are they'll be very helpful and see what they can do for you.

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My gf had the same problem. If you go to the office in your capital city and make it clear to the people there you should have no problems. I've founf if you are up front and honest they are quite easy to work with. And don't worry about applyinhg within the 2 weeks, it's just a guide and not a rule I was told.