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Hey everyone,
I am a british citizen leaving for thailand in three weeks and will be travelling round southeast asia for 4-5 months. Im am then flying out of bangkok to Delhi and was just wondering if anyone has been to the Indian embassy in Bangkok and obtained a visa fo a period of 6 months, or should i apply before i go?
Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Absolutely no problem to get a Indian visa in Bangkok. You can either go to the embassy yourself, or save yourself the hassle and for a small fee get a travel agent on Koa San road to do it all for you. Either way, it's very easy. I don't know how long you are planning on being in India, but when you get a 6 month visa it starts on the day it is issued. Therefore, if you get your visa at home, then don't go to India until after 5 months in SEA, you'll only have a month left to spend in India. If you plan to spend longer than that, then getting it in Bangkok a week or two before you head to India will allow you longer in the country.

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Get an agent to do it for you. They only charge a small fee and it saves a lot of hassle. I think it took either 3 working days or 5 working days to get mine. I think the Indian embassy is in the Sukhumvit area, so if you're staying elsewhere in Bangkok you don't save much money by going yourself.

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It takes 5 working days to have the visa done and don't forget to check the Thai and Indian holidays as the embassy is then closed. I agreed with the other guys, it's much easier to have it done by a travel agent. You'll find plenty of them in Khao San.

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I got my first Indian visa in London - went to the embassy at around 9am and had a 6 month multiple entry visa within 2 hours.

I got my second Indian visa in KL. OK, it's not Bangkok, but I had a whole host of hassles and annoyances. It took over a week to get it back due to one Malaysian holiday and one Indian holiday and the weekend. It was still quite expensive too. AND, I didn't get the 6 mth multiple entry I requested, only a 3 mth dual (the Canadian people I was with didn't get their requested visas either). Very annoying.

I would strongly recommend visiting the embassy in person in the UK before you leave where you can get it the same day. Then you are free in Thailand to do what you want without having to plan a week to get a visa. Getting Indian visas in Asia is notorious for problems, as I later found out.

BUT I just reread thread and saw point about visa running from when issued, so you may have to get it abroad. I don't remember what they did with mine.

Good luck :)

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