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Hafez was born in the beautiful city of Shiraz in Iran. As a young child he was called Shams–ud-din Mohammed. Hafez proved to have a prodigious talent for literature. At an early age he successfully memorized the Qu’ran, and this is why he took the pen name of “Hafez” – Hafez means one who has memorized the entire Qu’ran by heart. As well as studying the Qu’ran Hafez was also introduced to the other great Sufi poets such as Rumi, Farid –ud-din Attar and Saadi, these Sufi poets would later have some influence on the poetry of Hafez.

A famous story about Hafez tells how he fell in love with a beautiful woman. He saw her in his local area whilst delivering bread. He became so enchanted with love for this woman that he could think of nothing else. Hafez started to write love poems dedicated to his sweetheart, and these became famous throughout Shiraz. Unable to live without his beloved, Hafez resolved to undertake a 40 night vigil at the tomb of Baba Kuhi'. Babu Kuhi was a famous poet who promised to fulfil 3 desires of anyone who could stay awake for 40 nights at his tomb.

On the first night Hafez had a vision of the Angel Gabriel. He was so enchanted with her beauty, he resolved to seek only God who would by nature be infinitely more beautiful than any human form. Gabriel then revealed to him where he could find a spiritual master who would be able to lead him towards God. This master was Muhammed Attar, who lived a humble life in Shiraz.

From this point Hafez became a prodigious poet producing hundreds of poems which expressed a seekers longing for union with the divine. His poetry made Hafez famous and he gained the respect and love of many local inhabitants. However his ecstatic and unorthodox poetry gained him the displeasure of the ruling Muslim orthodoxy. Because of this Hafez twice had to flea the city of Shiraz, on many occasions he was only saved by his sharp wit.

At the age of about 60, his Master Attar, finally granted Hafez his life long desire - union with God. From this point Hafez’s poems reflected a new consciousness, no longer was there any sense of separateness from God.

Hafez wrote about 5,000 poems, although unfortunately these were never written down and therefore there is some scholarly dispute about the authenticity of some poems. In the West Hafez has only become famous in the last century. One of the most important early translations was by Gertrude Bell in 1897. Recently there have been new translations and versions by authors such as Daniel Ladinsky. These have helped Hafez become a well renowned poet in the West. The poetry of Hafez has a universal attraction.

It is said Hafez once stated,

“No one could ever paint a too wonderful picture of my heart or God.”

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Thanks for sharing your love of poetry with us Kombizz. But would you not be better starting a single thread rather than all the different threads?

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@ mikeyBoab

EACH poem has different mood and feeling.
THEN you need to be in different rooms
WITH different themes


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kombizz, please also consider that reading a dozen poems all at once is a bit too much. Your audience has no time to let it sink in and appreciate it.

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Thank you, Mikey and Q!

I totally agree with their assessment. I highly recommend posting one poem, giving people time to read it and comment, then post another in the same thread. Otherwise, the forum is overloaded with a list of poetry that few will take time to read as it will be too much.

I see you mention that each poem has it's own feeling and mood. This is very true, but people can create their own "rooms" in their minds so separate threads are not necessary. Thank you.

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@ Que

You should consider that not many people like poems at ll as simple as this !

ALSO this thread is not about poems, it is all about the short biography of a famous Iranian poet called
'H a f e z' .

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I fully appreciate that Kombizz, I enjoy poetry too. But the point is you can only display a limited number of threads on each page and if you have 7 or 8 posts containing poems it takes up lot of space. Additionally, people aren't going to be interested in reading 7 or 8 poems a day and your efforts to get people to enjoy them will be fruitless. How about a single thread dedicated to poets and poetry then?

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Quoting kombizz

ALSO this thread is not about poems, it is all about the short biography of a famous Iranian poet called
'H a f e z' .

You've proven the point haven't you ?

No doubt many people saw the half dozen simultaneous posts by you and didn't even bother to read it. I'm guilty of that myself. I read one or two of your posts and simply assumed all the rest are about the same. As you are a photographer you should also recall that style and method of presentation are just as important as the message.

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Somehow I might agree with your opinion.
No wonder that people are different from each other. As the result, it makes our life more interesting otherwise we got bored to death !
As a Persian proverb says, you can't find all your fingers all the same.
You could check my photos here
and find my presentation !


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