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21. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I'm fascinated by most creepy-crawly things so they don't bother me. Though, I do have a problem with leaches and ticks since they seemed to seek me out when I was little. I'm also not keen on the scorpion in the dark thing but I've never encountered one in person. Lizards, spiders, frogs, even roaches - interesting creatures. I like snakes, just prefer not to encounter one (as Sam said) that can kill you with one bite. Actually saw my first "in the wild" baby rattlesnake this past summer in New Mexico. He wasn't very happy being caught and relocated.

Shared a bathroom stall with a tarantula in Mexico. It watched me and I watched it. It was actually a very cool looking spider. My dad also had a chameleon living in his suitcase while in Jamaica. His room was mosquito-free for the week. Unfortunately for us, all the "skeeters" moved into our room. The funniest encounter was a little sand crab that kept coming out of his hole to tap his claw on my toenail. He did this repeatedly for about 30 minutes, then realized it was a lost cause.

Summer camp was always fun. You'd have to check under the toilet seats in the outhouses because the garter snakes liked curling up under them. If you didn't, you'd end up with something slithering along your thigh.