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1. Posted by KineAgathe (Full Member 21 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Im going to Mexico City for 5 days.
Its so big! What should I see
Please some help people...
What do you have to visit in Mexico City?

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The Pyramids that are on the outskirts of the city are the only can not miss site in my opinion. Other things are good especially if you are in to history and architecture, but the pyramids are a must. You can climb to the top of them unlike the ones in Egypt where you can only admire from a distance and only at ground level.

3. Posted by KineAgathe (Full Member 21 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thank you
Okay ill put that on my list then =)
Ive been to the pyramids in Coba, Yucatan.
I love history and architecture so Im really looking forward to
be in DF. Ive been lokking at maps and its so big.
I dont really know which places I should focus on.
Frida Kahlo museum and the Diego Rivera museum are on my list...
Of course I have to see the Cathedral....
But what else is a must

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The anthropology museum in Chapultepec park is really really good. It has some very good exhibitions on
pre-colombians civilisations. If you love history you shouldn't miss it. There is another good museum about pre-colombians civilisations next to the Aztec ruins on the Zocalo.
Walking in the old town center around the Zocalo and just enjoying the atmosphere is very nice too.



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Everything listed is good. Other things to see are the Chapultepec Castle in the park--and try to get to Xochimilco Gardens and take a ride on the unusual boats while having lunch or dinner (this is not quite as good, so consider it optional). Also, when going to Teotihuacan to see the pyramids, stop by the Guadalupe Shrine which is on the way.

If you like architecture--visit the university at the south edge of town. It has some unique designs and art murals on the outside of the buildings, which are unlike anything seen on any other college in the world.

Also, consider taking a day trip to Taxco (silver mines) or Cuenavaca, a gorgeous town down in the same direction. Based upon what you posted in your profile, you'll probably love Cuenavaca.

The good nightlife is in the Zona Rosa in downtown.


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Thank you

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Palacio de Bellas Artes, the National Folklore Ballet shows a beautyful performance
about the hystory of Mexico.
Plaza Garibaldi is the place where in the evenings many Mariachi groups play the typical mexican music.


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If your really want to experience Mexico Go to a soccer Game at the national stadium. nothing beats the energy. If that's not your type of thing Zona Rosa in the Evening can be very plesent. :)
A good hotel is Hotel Victoria About 45 mins on the out side of the city. The underground Tram way is a great way ot get around. If you want more info Please post more specific questions here or PM me. I have been there many times and am happy to help!!!



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Hey! well mexico city is so big, its impossible to see everything in just five days... like they said, the pyramids are great, and going to all the sights around the zocalo is pretty good too... if you want to get a little bit out of the touristic side of things, try heading to a place called coyoacan, its like a bohemian neighborhood were you can get a look at a more colonial mexico, you can also catch shows, go to museums, and buy traditional things.... close to there you can go to xochimilco and go on a trajinera, its a little boat ride, its better if you go with a group of people, since many use it as an excuse to party... if you like bars or coffee shops, you can go to la condesa, a neighborhhod full of all kinds of bars for every taste... Dont forget to eat tacos of all kind hehe... Hope this is usefull, anything else just ask. byee