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1. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

What's the most spontaneous thing you have done while travelling, and how did it work out for you

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i did paragliding in Queenstown, New Zealand totally on the spur of the moment - i was walking on the mountain near the gondola and some guy just came up to me and asked me if i fancied doing one so i said yes. It was fantastic!

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I just moved to Sydney for a guy. No job, no apartment, not much money. I've done adventure sports while traveling and stayed with and put my trust in strangers, but this by far I feel is the most spontaneous I have been.

4. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

In Peru, I was invited by the waiters of a hotel I was staying at to go to a local fiesta one evening. They said that the town was having a celebration of something (can't remember what exactly) and that all the staff in the hotel were going. Apparently, it was just going to be music and dancing in the town square which was near the hotel. I thought, hmmm...here;s a chance to hang out with some local people and experience the local culture...but I also had the usual niggles at the back of my head....I'm on my own, accompanying some local guys on a night out...obvious risks.
But I decided to take the plunge and agreed to go.

At 10 o'clock that evening, the chef called to my room to pick me up. I assumed we'd be walking up the street to the square, but when we got downstairs he and another of the waiters had a taxi waiting. *Alarm Bell #1*. I said " Why are we going in a taxi" as I was shimmied into the back seat. I was told "No worry, senorita, we are going to take you to some Karoke first" *Alarm Bell #2*

Next thing I knew we were speeding off out into the desert, leaving the little town of Nazca behind. Total blackness, not a light for miles. *Multiple Alarm Bells* I started getting really edgy at this point.

Eventually, we pulled up outside what looked like a shack and I was ushered inside by Andra and Carlos who just beamed at me. Inside, there was very little light bar a TV screen in one corner of the room which was set up for karoke. A sweaty looking barman drooped over the counter at the far end. Multiple bottles of Cusquena beer were deposited in front of me. I must have looked a bit tense because Andre kept saying "Its okay, relax". After a few mins of chatting, things seemed okay and I did relax. There was no one else there and I started to feel a bit better. Andre showed me how to salsa and I was really starting to enjoy myself, when the door opened and a group of local farmers came in. They looked genuinely in shock to see a white woman in their bar, which was IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. They stared for a long time. They took it in turns to come up and try to pull me onto the floor. One guy in particular was very aggresive and kept saying something to Andre and looking sideways at me. Up to this point, I had trusted Andre and Carlos to look out for me, but they were starting to get really drunk and thought the whole thing was great fun!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, things got much more uncomfortable, I ended up being sleazed all over, and had to demand to be taken back to the hotel!! I absolutely hated having to do that but it worked! Finally at 4am in the morning I was dropped back to the hotel and legged it up the stairs in the darkness to my room. In one final attempt at being amorous, Carlos had followed me up the stairs, "Ebaleen, why you no like the Peruvian men" I mean, I can laugh about it now, but at the time, jeez! it was a bit scary!

5. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I had a similar situation to yours, Ev...

My dad and I were staying at a resort in Montego Bay. Early in the evening, the day manager asked if I would like to go with a couple other guests, one of the bartenders and himself to a bar (The Cave) at another hotel after the evening's entertainment. (My dad always went to bed after the entertainment.) I agreed and at 11pm four of us climbed into a cab. The other guests were two Canadian guys who had made prior arrangements for hookers. (Found that out during the cab ride.) When we arrived at the other hotel, the Canadians disappeared with their "dates". About 30 minutes later, the manager and bartender decided The Cave was not exciting enough and we should move on to another hotel bar. Being my first time in MoBay and not knwing where the hell I really was, I agreed to go with them. We were to be back in a couple of hours to pick up the Canadians (yeah, right).

Our next stop was not at a hotel but the local bar outside of town. I am now feeling quite apprehensive about this whole adventure. I happened to be the only non-Jamaican there which brought about a lot of stares. Thankfully, my two escorts knew everyone and we had a great time drinking and dancing. Granted, my dancing skills caused an enormous amount of laughter but they thought me a good sport for trying. Finally, about 3 hours later, the manager decided it was time to collect the Canadians, which we did.

On the way back to our resort, the cab driver took a "shortcut" through a less than savory part of town. We saw a man lying in the street having a seizure and literally foaming at the mouth. My Canadian companions started yelling to stop the cab and call for help. It was quickly explained to them that would not be happening since it was probably a drug overdose and the neighborhood was extremely dangerous even for Jamaicans. One Canadian tried jumping out of the moving cab but was grabbed by our hosts. The rest of the trip back was very quiet.

Over the next few years, I became very good friends with the manager and bartender. Considering that first adventure with them, it was always interesting to see where they would take me the next time. They always brought me back to the hotel safe and sound.

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In the Summer holidays of 1995, I was sitting by a pool in a hotel in Shoal Bay north of Sydney with a bunch of friends. We'd had lunch, and were just kicking back and relaxing. In the distance there's this moutain that sort of comes up out of the ocean. I said, "Ill be back in about 2 hours" and I got up, walked to the mountain, walked through the bush and scrub and made it to the peak.

It's no big deal, but the thing was that I left the table and started my adventure immediately and I was only wearing a pair of shorts; no shirt, no shoes, nothing else.


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One morning I went into a cafe in Bangkok, after taking an all night bus, from the South.
I intended to stay in Bangkok for 5 days.
I ordered a coffee and then read about Kanchanaburi in my Lonely Planet book.
I decided that I must get on a bus to Kanchanaburi right away, before I fall asleep on the cafe table.
I packed up my bag and my daugher and off I went to the bus station. I was on the bus before I remembered that I had not payed for the coffee. 4 days later I went back to the cafe, to pay for it.

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I was in Spitzkoppen, Namibia. Everyone else climbed up the rock we were camping by to watch the sun go down.
But no, not me. I thought, I want to walk down this really long road, see whats round the corner and get better, different photos of the sunset than everyone else. I did, I got my pics, saw the most incredible sunset, sat there and watched the sun go down.
However, it had taken me an hour and a half to get there. The sun was now down and it was getting dark. I started walking back, remembering that on my wanderabout earlier I had found tracks of a big cat and a dead vampire bat. The road was not dead straight and had several turn offs. I took the wrong one. A big beastie was ahead of me and I was armed only with a camera flash. I had visions of a leopard having me for dinner and a bat sucking the remains of my blood, but I would leave behind great photos of the culprits!. Turned out to be a horse. Eventually I saw a camp fire at what seemed like miles from where I was. Not wanting to leave the road and cross the bush, I had to backtrack, find the right road and three terrifying hours later I was back in camp. Everyone else was so pissed they hadnt even noticed I was missing!
Now I try to think first. But its not working. I am covered with scars, mental and physical, from my acts of sponteneity. The last one resulted in two tattooed lemurs on my bum. Will I ever grow up????

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Forced spontaneity for me...

On a bus travelling through Malaysia me and all three of my friends with me fall asleep and miss our (paid to) stop. We get 100Km for free and just so happen to be a 20 min taxi from the Perinthian islands which we had no idea about but when we got there WOW! beaaaauuuttiful. spent a week there, possibly one of the best of my life