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1. Posted by Darren7 (Budding Member 63 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hello again guys,

What advice would you give a first timer for keeping their backpack secure?

Any tips will be most appreciated. Also would you recommend bringing a cable-style padlock? I know a thief will always find their way around it, but i'm thinking it might be handy to secure my backpack to a rail for example, during transportation..... ? ? ?

2. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Darren,

There are a few options:

I suppose the most obvious form of backpack security these days is the wire meshing that you can get to go around your pack. It's expensive, but apparently impenetrable. I looked at getting one but in the end felt that it might just be a bit heavy and more hassle than not. Might be worth checking out for yourself though ;)

On my own travels, I bring a variety of locks. I have found the combination cable lock to be invaluable, as you can just thread the cable through a few zippers, handles etc. linking your bags together and then anchoring the whole lot around something, which means you feel pretty confident that your stuff is secure if you sharing a dorm or whatever.
I also just brought a few smaller sized padlocks as well for using on hostel lockers. Obviously a cable lock wont work on those.

I suppose there's no fool-proof way to protect your pack, but at least if you have a few locks here and there and may it difficult for someone to tamper with, they probably just wont bother.

3. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I just had a small padlock on my backpack and a slightly bigger padlock that I used for locking it in a hostel locker on the rare occasion when they had them. The lock on my backpack was big enough so it did secure the bag safely, but small enough so it didn't stand out and on my pack it could be hidden under the overhang that covers the zip region.

If you have a cable chain lock to lock your backpack to a pole or something like that, to a potential thief that will send alarm bells ringing. They will think to themself if the person who owns that backpack is so paranoid that they need a lock that big, they must be hiding something valuable in there. Like you said a thief will find their way around it anyway if they want, so you might as well make your pack stand out as little as possible rather than attracting attention. I mean you wouldn't walk around with a sign on your back saying "I have a huge stash of cash hidden on my person", so why would you put something on your backpack that would attract a similar amount of unwanted attention by potential thiefs? Just stick simple and you should be fine.

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