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Hi, we plan to start 6 month tour of S. America by flying into Brazil, stay for a month then travel overland through all the countries we want to see and return to uk from Peru 6 months later. The problem is that by travelling this way we will not have an outwardbound flight out of Brazil to satisfy immigration/airline on entry into Brazil.
Has anyone any suggestions on getting round this as i'm sure alot of people must have encountered this problem....hope you can help

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Although I did have an outbound flight, I did not get checked for it any of the 3 times in one trip I entered and exited Brazil on my UK passport. I think as long as you don't look of dodgy character then they most likely would not even check to see you have proof of onward travel seeing holding a UK passport allows for entry in to Brazil without the need to apply for a visa. For that matter I didn't get checked in Chile, Argentina or even Paraguay which requires a visa for almost all the major economic countries like Australia, USA etc except the UK which got visa free entry. This may have just been my experience, but I think it is more likely to be most peoples experience.

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Hi There

Sorry to bring up this post again but we am flying into Rio and have no proof of outbound travel from Brazil. Although people say that they have never been checked it's just my luck that we will get pulled to one side!

We have an outbound flight out of BA 25 days after we arrive in Rio, do people think that this will be acceptable if we are unlucky enough to be stopped?



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That sort of thing is good enough in most instances even for countries like Russia which are reknown for being a pain in the bum when it comes to letting tourists in to the country. I didn't get checked in Brazil and I am the type of person who always seems to attract unwanted and unwarranted attention at customs/immigrations. I even get harrassed and asked stupid questions like "why did you get your passport when you did?" when returning from an overseas trip! If I didn't get harrassed, unless you have tattoos on your face/head and multiple piercings in places that are generally associated with people with an unstable mental state, you shouldn't get asked anyway. Even if you did you would just explain what you are going to do and then they would let you through.

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