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I want to travel with the transibirian railway to beijing next year. And I have some question about that.

-How much will it cost if to buy a ticket on the trainstation in moskva?
-Is it hard to a visa to mongolia?


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If you buy tickets at the ticket office in Moscow, according to the Man in Seat 61 (link included below), a one way ticket direct from Moscow to Beijing would cost around $US 250 for Kupe class (2nd class, 4 bunk).

If you plan on stopping along the way, it'll cost more. Here's the prices for the tickets I had in 2005, in local and converted (using 2005 exchange rates) into US dollars.

Moscow - Irkutsk = 3780.1 Rubles or $US 131.00 for shared cabin sleeper with 4 people
Irkutsk - U.B. = 1617.8 Rubles or $US 56.07 for shared cabin sleeper with 4 people
U.B. - Jining = 40580 Mongolian or $US 34.22 for shared cabin sleeper with 4 people
Jining - Beijing = 83 RMB or $US 10.26 for open dorm style sleeper (lower bunk)

I did not have any issues getting a Mongolian visa. I got my visa in Paris - I went to the website of the Embassy in Paris, downloaded the Visa form, took it in to the embassy along with my passport, a few pictures and a processing fee (it'll explain on the website) and got my Visa 2 or 3 days later. I'd contact the Mongolian Embassy closest to you to get a visa form.

Two sites I would check out are the advice in the Travel Guide here at Travellerspoint, and the Man in Seat 61.

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I travelled this route from Beijing to Moscow in March this year. The prices for kupe (2nd class) that I got are approximately as follows:-

1. Beijing to Ulanbataar - $95 (through a travel agent)

2. Ulanbataar to Irkutsk - $45 (through guesthouse where I stayed, $5 commission included in the price)

3. Irkutsk to Moscow - $250 (from an agent based in Irkutsk Hotel, $5 commission included in the price).

If you want to save costs, travel on Chinese or Mongolian trains. Russian trains are really expensive for example, Irkutsk to Moscow on Russian trains (Baikal or Rossiya) costs $350 when I asked.

I believe the prices above are winter prices, so if you're travelling in summer, expect the prices to be higher.

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Update on prices - they have increased signifcantly since 2005. The Man in Seat 61 now says "Booked through a local Russian agency, journey costs around $805 or £555 one-way in 2nd class 4-berth or $1130 or £780 in 1st class 2-berth."

I would definitely recommend to book through a travel agency... going to Russia and trying to buy cheap tickets without speaking russian can become very expensive. I have travelled through -snip- and it went very well. And they have good prices too -snip-

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