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1. Posted by hermies (Budding Member 8 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

as the title says really been searching round loads for this but have had a few different prices, so was just wondering if the companies you used are any good and if you had any trouble if you had to claim, been looking for me and my girlfriend and been coming up for around 300 plus which is not a problem but we dont know what to go for they all have different payouts for different scenarios, hope you can help with this,

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STA are the best in my opinion for backpackers travel insurance. xox

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Just make sure you check the fineprint, like do they pay out for cash stolen, what are the excesses (v nb. because sometimes it hardly makes your while claiming), and how much they give for stolen items, e.g. I had travel insurance that was absolutely useless, I claimed for a brand new camera I bought for 250 pounds, even though there was no excess, they only gave me 150 EUROS back because they said they'd only give me what they could buy it for second hand (which is total crap anyway, I'd like to know where you'd get that kind of camera for that cheap!!!) But just watch out on that one. The insurer I went through I booked in Ireland, they were called

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We went thru STA and got the one up from the bottom. It wasn't too expensive and covered our camera with a low excess on medical expenses. Fortunately we didn't need it.