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Well... my situation is this: I find myself in Bangkok and will be around Thailand until the 25th october or so, where I arrived from China.

Then my brother is coming over to travel with me between the 4th and the 24th december, so we haven't plan yet but since it's his 1st trip in Asia he'd probably arrive here in BKK, and want to go to Angkor/Lao/Vietnam.

So... I'm wondering what to do between 25th october and 4th december.

I'm thinking on going to Malaysia, maybe Borneo. But I don't know well how monsoon is doing during that time.

Do you have any suggestion??

Should I consider Indonesia?

Thanks so much!!

ps: i'd love to dive if it's possible at that time of the year.

2. Posted by zackry (Budding Member 10 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I think you have to be specific what you want to do.
Monsoon in just more rains than other months except storm on East Coast of Malaysia eg. Tioman and Perhentian is off until end /Feb
Why not try to visit -snip- Langkawi Island and there is a direct flight from Bangkok to Langkawi on

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dear Dam,

well, during ths period is not suitable to go east coast as well as borneo due to the uncertainty of the sea condition.
mayb as ZAC suggest to Langkawi will be an alternative idea, though the underwater scene might not be up to expectstiom like east coast area, still worth a visit. One you reach Langkawi, try to find the agent at the ferry that provide package to Pulau PAyar. It is a small island nearby Langkawi paradise for scuba lovers. They provide equipment and and professionals to guide you.

I got my licence there, but since then I havent go for any scuba activity...

Indonesia, I think Bali will be an ideal place which less affected by the monsoon.

but if you on the period you mentioned pls take note that
8th Nov is deepavali (public holiday). thus on 8th-11th most of the tourist destination will be crowded and accomdation need to be book earlier.

17th Nov to 31th December is school holiday, consider hot season too.


4. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dem:)

There are plenty of possibilities.
I would go to one of the travel agencies in Bangkok, that offer a visa and plane ticket service.
See what they have on offer and then choose the best deal.
For example, u could buy a flight and visa combo and go to India for a month.
Firstly check how leaving the country for a month will effect your Thai visa. Can u leave the country and then have 30 days in Thailand again, when u return?

The monsoons will be just about over in Thailand, by the end of October. I am not sure if this applies to the other countries or not.


5. Posted by ebh777 (Budding Member 16 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

This year is visit malaysia year, so it is a good time to visit. Log on to to get an idea where to go and what to do. Generally, hotel and food is cheap in Malaysia, people are friendly and it is a safe place if you avoid dangerous places at night.

I am from Malacca, so I would recommend Malacca for its historical past. Bali would be a cheap destination by Air Asia as it is rated one of the best islands in the world, just be careful where you go at night because of the past bombings.

East Malaysia is interesting also, covering Sabah and Sarawak, again depending on what you want to see and do. Diving in Sipadan Island is great but you have to check it out first. You can go hiking to Mt Kinabalu or explore caves at Mulu.

Hope this helps.

6. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks so much all for your help.

I'm definately going to mainland Malaysia and spend over a week or so, and then go to Borneo. What do you think about that?

thanks again!

7. Posted by opospa (Travel Guru 1837 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Since you cant visit the east coast islands because of the monsoon, you can try to visit Bali in Indonesia. There are a lot to see in Sumatera like Lake Toba, Brestagi etc. Borobudur Temple, Yogjakarta etc in Jawa.

Well, if you like surfing, i read in a Malaysian newspaper, there are foreigners enjoying few months of Monsoon by surfing in Tioman Island. And there will be a chalet which will be going to be running during Monsoon season in Perhentian Island. ;) But there are many other places to see on the other side of peninsular Malaysia.

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Please consider Indonesia.
I was travelling all of November last year and the rain certainly did not affect my trip at all. I spent early Nov in Ketembe in south Aceh trekking, then got a bus up through Central Aceh via Takengon- the weather was superb. Arrived in Banda Aceh and then got ferry over to Pulau Weh where it did rain every day but like only in the ealry morning or late afternoon then the sun came out.
On my return to Banda Aceh I spent 6 hrs on the back of a motor bike- it rained lightly for half an hour then later on but not a problem.
Then spent late November early december in Bogor, Bali, Kuta Lombok and South Sulawesi and the weather was superb. Kuta Lombok was dry as dry, they were praying for rain but nothing came.
See my photos of my 5.5 month trip at
Aearch on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Indonesia forum shows my recent posts re my trip last year
Am happy to answer questions for you.

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You can apply for a 60 day visa for Indonesia in Penang by yourself at Embassy-apply one day before 12 noon pick up next day( must have photocopy of front page of passport, 2 passport photos, your ticket into Indonesia and 170RM and then get the ferry across to Belawan Harbour which is about 30kms from Medan or Singapore where you can get a TigerAirways dirt cheap flight to Padang in West Sumatra.
Singapore you can apply through an agent for about $160S and you will have in a day- they come to your hotel and deliver back to your hotel or yuo can go to the embassy yourself and apply-costs aabout $70S and takes 3 days.
Here is a post on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Indonesia forum telling about how to get 60 day visa in Singapore by yourself.