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1. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

im going to be in LA in january for a short while and have searched for cheap accomodation .... the best one that suits me with my budget is this:

Venice Beach Cotel

my worry is i have no info/knowledge on the Venice Beach area .... this is where i could do with some questions being answered ....

is it safe (ish) @ night?

hows the locations to the text book tourist attractions & Sunset Boulevard??

what kind of surf conditions does Venice Beach Get?

Surf hire rentals nearby?

also looking to make my way from the Venice area to Las Vegas for a few nights. ... Greyhound run from the Venice area??

many thanks for any help given - highly appriciated!!

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2. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2007 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Venice is a very eclectic, unusual place that is quite popular with lots of visitors.

There is a sidewalk right alongside the beach that has lots of shops and where people show up and put on their own impromptu shows--magicians, break dancers, fortune tellers, jewelry sellers, massage chairs, etc.

This place became popular years ago for its famous "Muscle Beach" area where lots of people go to show off their workout skills and flex their muscles for the public--and each other. The surfing is just okay, but the beach is actually quite excellent. As far as rentals, I think there is a place at the far south end of Venice Beach, but nothing near the north end or center--but you might want to talk to some others, since I haven't been to Venice Beach for almost two years.

As far as safety, it's pretty good, but not the best area--but then it's probably better than average for LA. Just keep your bike locked up and your stuff put away and don't show off anything on your porch/balcony that you don't want taken, and you'll be okay. The biggest problem in Venice used to be drugs, but I think that's a bit less now than it used to be, especially since the area has gotten more popular, and had a few more new condos/apartments built, and therefore moving a bit upscale from what it used to be.


3. Posted by Liberte30 (Budding Member 8 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have 3 pictures of Venice Beach on my photo gallery if you are interested...

This beach was the most beautiful beach i've ever seen in my entire life!

Have a nice trip!

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I think most people in the world, if they get an image in their head when you say LA or Southern California, it would be Venice Beach....wide stretch of sand with a boardwalk populated by skating bikini babes, musclemen, buskers, and lunatics...curviing walkway up to the Santa Monica pier, golden sunsets through huge palms.

It's a hotbed for hostels, all right, and they are very competitive. If they don't offer to pick you up at the airport or station, try another one.

Plenty of food grazing along the beach.

About safety, I would say it's become a legitimate concern after dark in recent year or two. It would pay you to be careful. Avoid dodgy situations, try to be in company, etc.

In the daytime, the boardwalk is packed with people and it's not a problem by any means.

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yeah venice is great. night life is pretty good too. a must to check out is nikki's right next to the boardwalk and air condition on lincoln.

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