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Hiya, me and my girlfriend are travelling out on the 28th December (flights paid) to Bangkok where we begin our travels. We're heading there, then flying to meet a friend in Phuket immediately. We're then looking to spend time milling around the islands and Southern Thailand, before:

• Heading off to Malaysia, probably by bus
• Then onto singapore, by bus,
• Then exploring Indonesia
• Then going off to Bali
• Then heading back to Jakarta to fly to Bangkok
• We then want to explore Northern Thailand, trekking and the like
• We then want to head into Laos
• Then Northern Vietnam
• Then training it across to Hong Kong
• (then possibly Shanghai by train, then to Tokyo)
• Then back either by plane or train to Hong Kong to get back to North Vietnam
• Then explore our way down to the country to Southern Vietnam
• Then from there, to Cambodia
• Then back to Bangkok, ready to fly out.

We really need to get an informed an idea as possible as to how much travel will be in between places and how long it will take to get there. We have 4.5months and I have £5000 to spend, my gf has £4000. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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For 4.5 months I think you have more than enough. I'm planning on being in SE Aia for a year and have found that £4000 should last me the year from what people say.

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Tokyo and Hong Kong are a little bit expensive but i think the money is enough for both of you

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you should be absolutely fine with that, as long as you don't spend too long in Japan. Make sure you get your Japan rail pass before you get to Japan.

have a look at air asia's website for budget flights in the SE Asia region.