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I'm considering a trip to South East Asia and Australia in July and August next year. After speaking to a friend who spent 3 months in Malaysia and Indonesia, he advised me that during that time of year is the height of the rain season. Could anyone advise me whether or not it's a good idea to visit this region at that time of year?



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i spent 4 months from may to september this year in vietnam, laos, cambodia and thailand. it was the rainy season but it only rained for about an hour at most and not everyday either. once it stopped raining it was hot again and you forget it ever rained!! i dont think the summer months are the wet season in indonesia either, check lonely planet to find out but i wouldnt let it stop you from going!

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Hi sparky86!

No, I can't ;) !

But I can tell you that in some places it's raining every other day, in some places every day. Sometimes you got rain for days on end, sometimes you got rain only at night...depends very much on where you are and of course on the weather in general

I personally like the monsoon season but I do also like hot and steamy and I don't like peak tourist season

Hope that helps,


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I think you would be fine - the only issues that may arise are that you may not be able to travel to some islands because the sea becomes too rough, but this wouldn't affect everywhere. it's a good time to go in terms of prices too, as many hotels/guesthouses lower their prices considerable during low season.

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Thanks for the tips guys. It's just an initial idea at the moment, but by the sounds of things I don't think the weather will be too much of a problem.


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July and August are ideal months to visit Indonesia-being their dry season.
I spent 5.5 months travelling alone with no language skills in Indonesia last year and had a fantastic time travelling to Bali, flying to Jakarta spending 35 days in Java, then 3.5 months in Sumatra-west and north, 18 days in Aceh, travelled from Medan to Kutacane to Ketembe, then up the centre via takengon to Banda aceh and then Pulau Weh, 5 days in Kuta Lombok and 6 days in south Sulawesi and Tana Toraja.
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