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Yes I'm lazy, can't be bothered to look for old threads...Sorry. Could somebody give me advise, planning my and hubby's first trip to Thailand. And would like opinions of above places. My requirements are very simple gorgeous beaches, few bars and restaurants (not too busy) and lots of relaxing. Travelling from Perth Australia and looks like Tiger Airways is the best option, but it takes 24h get to Krabi???? A bit long, but we'll see. Planning an Easter trip. So pros and cons please

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hello..Phuket , Krabi and Koh Phangan will be a good combination..In Phuket patong has good night life..but I was not so impressed with beach in patong....But Phi Phi islands is a good option for nice beach and less crowded..phi phi has nice beach..u will love the cars or tuk tuks in phi phi...maximum a bike u can phi phi is Krabi try Aaanang beach..if possible rent a bike and roam around in nearby villages and local markets..u will feel great..and most importantly attend a full moon party in koh phangan...see if ur travel dates matches with FMP schedules....

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I have been to all 3 and from what you have stated as your requirements I would choose ko samui - and you can get there easily with Bangkok airways from Bangkok. not sure where the 24 hours to get to krabi is from, but its 12 hours on the bus from Bangkok and I guess you could fly there too in an hour or so. I went to ko samui 9 years ago so its probably got a lot more built up since, but we found a gorgeous quiet beach called ban thaling ngam which was away from the touristy towns of lamat and chaweng. the island itself is really pretty and we hired a jeep for a day to drive around. Krabi is a lovely place to chill out and has some lovely beaches. Phuket is extremely touristy so this would be my last choice out of the 3; however, we stated in Hat karon which is a short drive away from Patong (the most built up and touristy bit which you probably want to avoid) and we found it fine here as its quieter.

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Thanks guys I think Krabi and Phi Phi Islands is the way to go. Any accommodation recommendations not hostels, but doesn't have to be 5stars either. Somewhere nice. Have two weeks holiday so might stay in couple of different places...Any must to do's...
Thanks again

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Phi Phi is too crowded ... scenery is indeed AWESOME... but if you planning to just relax, and chill, there might be some lesser-known islands, but Phuket is wayyyyyy too over crowded,

In Krabi, Railay beach is a good option, I had day trip so not so sure about the bars. Ao-Nang is not so cool.

The kind of thing you are looking for is I guess Perhention Islands in Malaysia... they got everything, but it might be monsoon time there, mey be Hein can help you out about it.

Cheers & Have a safe trip


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