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Planning to go to Dahab for 10 days next spring, and reading some infos on internet, I could read that you can get easily to Jordan by ferry? Have anyone of you done such a trip? Would love to go there for 2-3 days to see Petra. Do you think it is possible? I'll probably be alone (mid twenties girl) and do not know if it's advisable going there by myself?

Second question is about Dahab itself... Any particular thing in Sinaï region to recommend? I'll mainly go there to dive but would be highly interested in getting to know a bit more on the country/people/history...

Thanks in advance for your tips!

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You can find more details about schedules and prices over here.

Another option could be travelling overland through Israël via the Taba/Eilat border crossing (open 24 hours) and on to Jordan (border open until 8PM). If I am correct it doesn't mean any problems if you have an Israeli stamp when going to Jordan or Egypt.

In the Sinai desert, make sure you will visit St. Catharine Monastery and its surrounding mountains and desert. It is really beautiful and spectaculair. Mount Sinai has a special religious meaning for Islam and is also called Mount Moses sometimes...the Biblical peak.
Also, the colored canyong near Nuweiba is a place not to miss


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I am still making my mind up between going to Dahab and organize my trip myself to see Sinaï and maybe Petra in Jordan if I stay long enough... Or going to a dive cruise from Hourghada, and spend 2 days in Luxor to visit a bit of the old Egypt ruins... Have anyone ever dived in Dahab? How's it? Guess it's amazing as everywhere in Red Sea but a cruise would be the best...
Anyway, thanks Michael for your reply...;)

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Diving is great in Dahab! It's all mainly shore based and verrrry chilled out. The Canyon and Bells to Blue Hole are fantastic not to miss dives. Don't expect sharks/prolific marine life that you may get in other areas in Egypt, also there are no wrecks. But Dahab itself makes up for that. I went in June and it was really quiet aswell which is a bonus.

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Thanks for your reply!
Where have you stayed in Dahab? I am looking for a very cheap accomodation and could find some nice looking guest houses, but would greatly hear about your experience?
Which dive club did you dive with?
I don't know anyone who's been there so I'm happy to get some feed-back...
And if I wanna see big fish like sharks, etc... Which part of Egypt is famous for that? I'm still hesitating between a dive cruise or a stay in Dahab.

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I stayed using points at the Hilton (so was free) so can't comment on cheap accomodation i'm afraid, i know there are lots though. Aparantly one dive club offers free dorms if you dive with them. Not sure which one but could find out. Dahab is cheaper than Sharm...i remember looking at prices and there is a difference with acomodation and of course the diving as you don't need a boat.

I dived with Fantasea who were superb. I buddied up with Huw (a welsh instructor) most of the time and it was so quiet in Dahab at that time we had the place to ourselves (with the exception of the blue hole which i understand is always busy with crazy people trying to get to the bottom!) They had great staff who were such a laugh. Really helpful lot and it was incredibly chilled out. Everything happens nice and slowly, don't expect rushing about trying to fit extra dives in, they'll just laugh and say "this is Dahab!" Prices not the cheapest but they are reputable which is worth a lot imo. Aparantly some clubs in Dahab have bad safety reputations so it's best to get recommendations and check out LP guide.

I was really tired when I got to Egypt and a bit put off when I had a machine gun pointed at me in the middle of the night, but as soon as I hit Dahab, I felt so relaxed. I walked in to dive club and they were playing my favourite Enigma track, everyone was really chilled, the views were spectacular and i was smitten at that point! I don't think you get that atomsphere anywhere else in Egypt or so I have heard. The mountains were really something. It was pretty cool to have camels and goats just wandering about too, felt more like real Egypt (Dahab was a Bedouin settlement).

Re sharks; I havnt been to the other divesites yet but I think you are likely to see sharks and big variety of marine life in Ras Mohammed can get there from Dahab on a day trip but it's much closer to Sharm. Strait of Tiran will have big stuff (stay in sharm or take liveaboard from there). Sharm is busy, touristy and more expensive though)
Other locations which are meant to be superb are some sights near Marsa Alam like Elpinstone (for experienced divers) and The brothers (liveaboard only and experienced again) No idea what Marsa Alam is like.
I don't think Hurghada is too great, I know many people who have been there and they said there is little in the way of big stuff and the place itself is a complete poohole and totally souless.
Just heard you can now do boat dives from Dahab and they visit some relatively unexplored sites leaving from the Hilton area I think.

When you are off gassing you can easily visit Mount Sinai and St Catherines Monastry from Dahab. I never made it as I ended up back in the blue hole and ran out of time. I had planned to off gas for 18 or so hours and then have a day to do the mountain but I got too into the diving. (monastry is high aswell so you definately need to let off some gas!)

Hope you have fun wherever you go!

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in Dahab everything is cheap enough, if you are not going to luxury hotels.
In October-November you dont need to book accomodation for advance, but you'll help yourself if you search online - they have plenty of info with prices and photos. You should come with 2-3 options that seems you ok, then you'll decide when u arrive and see.
I returened from Dahab in the end of September, weather was great.
Keep in mind that September and October are VERY windy, that influent on Sea Conditions and dive.
You also could get jeep or camel safari (one day or more) from Dahab itself.
Orientaion is easy, all is collected on main street near the sea (where you probably would live also)
Sinai is amazing.
about diving - yes, it's good in every place, but , basically - more South you get - there are better sites.
Also what u dive from the shore and from the boat - there are not same sites.
I reccomend you to get dive safari from Sharm. it just nothing to compare.
Also Giza , Cairo, etc - could be very interesting.
it's the public bus between Dahab and Cairo, as well as between Dahab and Taba (Israeli border and your gate to Jordan). You can go by bus to Nueiba and get there ferry to Jordan too. Passing via Israel dont make you any problems at Jordanian side. Feel free to ask more questions.

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