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Kyiv has a history over 1500 years. It is situated in the centre of Europe. If you visit this wonderful city, it and the Kyiv people will leave an unforgettable impression in your soul. You will absolutely want to come back to Kiev again and again.
Also for people who like extreme I could recommend to visit "ghost city" Prypyat and EXCLUSIVE CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR STATION!!!!! You will visit the flats, left in 1986 where private things still can be found: kitchen utensils, furniture, curtains, books, musical instruments, toys!! You will see the town that was left by its 50 thousand inhabitants within 24 hours. The spirit of Soviet times darkness reign here. You can make pictures of National Emblem of the Soviet Union and of Soviet Ukraine, slogans ‘Piece, Labor and May”, red-yellow public call-box and other objects that are symbols of the 80-s in the Soviet Union. Also you will visit the Central Park with big dipper.
They planned to open this big dipper up to 1 May 1986 (public holiday). This big dipper has never seen its visitors. Pripyat is similar to mummy. It has a body but it doesn’t have a soul.
Welcome to Ukraine!!

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Sorry, but last time in Kiev, the feeling that the russians have retaken it. Very few spoke English in the hotels and the nightclubs were not friendly. For me the trip into Poland was so perfect. To know, Krakow and Warsaw have a much higher percentage of English speaking people. Yes both countries r free to enter if your holding a USA passport. Had the greatest time in the new Hard Rock Cafe in Warsaw, Poland. Got the pins to prove it. For those whom do go to Kiev and other cities in Ukraine. I have traveled a great deal in Ukraine. Most cities are best traveled by using the train. Smaller cities have poorly run hotels which are not very good looking and have such really bad beds. No Frig. and/or no telephone. In Kiev the top nightclub was Avalon. It may be still today.

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A friend from Belarus told me very few people in the Ukraine and her country speak proper english, so i'm not surprised not too many do speak it in Kiev. They have just "recently" opened to tourism for real I guess

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Come to Kiev in New Year holidays. And you will see how my city perfect in this season. I think, you will newer forget it....

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Also for person who were travelled around Ukraine by traine, I could tell if you wish comfort you need to pay for that in any country! But if you wish to save money, it is normal that you had uncomfortable bed and not good hotel.