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Hi, I am flying to Brazil from Columbus OH on 2/29/08. My reservation takes me in to LGA landing at 4:30 pm (friday). I have to change airports and get to JFK for the international flight to Brazil by 7:40. I have a total of 3 hrs 10 minutes. At the time of booking I really never thought about it - and I called agent that booked it and they said it would not be a valid itinerary on their site if I couldn't make the connection. Can anyone ease my mind about this? My thoughts is its winter, friday night traffic, and to beat all - International flight. What is the fastest, ( i kno there is not an easiest) way to make this transfer- ASSUMING that my flight out of CMH gets to LGA ONTIME and I have the full 3 hrs 10 minutes. Thank you so much !!! Kim

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It is doable in 3 hours seeing as you don't need to do customs on arrival at LGA, though if you did it would probably be very tight.

You could grab a bus. Costs around $13.00 Schedule here says that it takes about one hour.

If you want cheaper than that, you can do public transit. It'll probably take 1:30 to 2:00. Check out the details on this site: public transit LGA to JFK

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As you said you need to check the traffic. I would think your best bet and cheapest to catch a Taxi at Laguardia and have them drop you off at Jamaica station. Probably cost around $25. Its only about 15min with no traffic. So with heavy traffic say a half hour. From here I would take the JFK airtrain. It is a monrail that brings you directly to the airport, it takes about 20 minutes. This will avoid any traffic problems and the fastest way during friday rush hour. The airtain costs $5 so you are looking around $30 total give or take. Here is the website for the airtrain. This is the best way that I can think of. It should take you about an hour to complete the trip, if not less in rush hour. Should give you plenty of time if your initial flight is not delayed. Hope this helps..

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Don't can do this. If I were you, I'd go out front, grab a cab and just cab it over. It's not that far and will ease your mind. Remember that if you checked baggage, you're going to have to move it yourself because you're changing airports. Also remember that they like you to have extra time for international flights.

So, grab your bags, get in line for a taxi and have them drop you at the door. I'd make this as easy on myself as possible not try to use public transport in any way if you're carrying bags.