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As i am a very silly i have been banned from driving in U.k till august 08. I will be going to Oz in Febuary 08 for a year and was wondering if i will be able to drive if i got a australian licence whilst being banned in U.K

It will be great if anyone knows any info on this matter so i can make plans on what i would like to do in Oz.


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The might be able to get an Australian licence, have you got a provo UK Lic? If you do, you might be able to take the test out there, but they will ask if have any driving convictions, and you would have to declare your ban if you intend to insure a vehicle in Australia. As an ex-insurance broker, i can assure you that, if you dont declare your driving ban, they will find out. On the other hand if you where to return to the UK, and drive on your "new" licence, they will find out you have been banned.

Working in Insurance, ive had people, insure a vehicle in there son or daugthers names, when they have been banned, and claimed they had a licence.

Inshort, declare everything!

Good luck in Australia

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If you are banned from driving, then there's not much chance of getting another license. Typically you are permitted to drive on your country's license for 3mths. Any period after that, you must obtain an international license which is valid for 12mths.
You may apply for a driver license in another country, but they will want to see your existing license. The only way out that I can see is if you apply for one in Australia and don't say anything about your suspended license. If you do manage to get one, and you happen to get caught (remembering that there are 7 states that operate driver licenses in Oz) all that they will do is cancel it (subject to any other incorrect statements that you may have signed to get it).
As for insurance, there is compulsory 3rd party insurance, and no matter what you say to authorities every passenger/ driver is insured.

Hope this helps


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Cheers guys.