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My friend has found a last minute offer for a holiday in Kerala, India. Its 16 days in a hotel (sagara beach resort) and flights/transfers. breakfast is the only meal you get for free. the total price is £270 each whcih is wayyyy to good to turn down.

Researching yesterday we discovered that you need to have a visa BEFORE you go to india.

I was looking for some information from people that have been over there from the uk, HOw did you go about getting your visa ? did you go to london and spend the day in the queue at the embassy, is it right you can also do it in birmingham? also is it possible to do it by post, our flights leave on the 16th of november.

Whats the cos of living over there like, food, taxis (do we even need taxis there ?) day trips.....

whats jabs would i need before I went, im not planning on going into the jungle or anything like that just relaxing on the beach, maby a bit of snorkling

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the indian embassy in london is swamped with visa applications at the moment and is only processing 50 per day

i work for a tour operator as a kerala specialist and we have had tremendous problems getting visas processed for clients so i would advise that you contact a visa processing service immediately!! going to the embassy in person at the moment is a nightmare... even if you get there at 4am to queue there are lots of people there already and you are likely to be given a chit with a number on and asked to go back on another date. you dont have much time left to be doing this.

speak to a visa processing service right away (try a google search to find one) and see what they suggest

kerala is a magnificent part of india and the cost of living is very low

jabs are definitely required and again you have limited time to organise these so speak to a travel clinic or nurse at your GP right away

best of luck with it and have a great time

joey :)

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thanks for replying, do you know if its going to be any easyer for me to go to birmingham to get the visa, I heard you can do it there in the same way you would london.

Im really not looking forward to trip to get the visa, from reading there website they sujest getting there as early as 4.30am!! or you will most likely be asked to come back another day.

Im on a 6am-2pm all this week so going in the morning isnt an option this week so il have to go monday, however I can go doctors this week for any jabs I might need.

Where would I be able to find the weather for the place im going ??

Also if "someone" was caught smoking weed there would the law come down harshly on them like they would in thailand, or is it not seen as a very seriouse crime ?

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