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I'm leaving Chiang Mia to Laos on the 30/31st Oct 07. I'm traveling alone. Does any one have a good travel company that I could use that wont rip me off with over priced tickets and visa charges?



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Hi Zoe,

We got our Visa while at the border, so dont organise it before hand tell them you want to do it yourself. We stayed in Chang Kong, then they bring you over the river(2 minutes) and your in Huay Xai, were you organise your visa. Whatever you do dont get the fast boat, we've heard some real horror stories. Most places in Chang Mai have decent prices for the 2 day slow boat, we paid around 12-1300 baht, that included the drive to chang kong in air con bus, accomadation and dinner there. lunch (a roll) the next day which wasnt the best but good if your hungry, the bus to pak beng (really noisy place at night, which was freaking me out I thought it was at war or something but its just a port ) and the bus the next day to luang prebang. you pay for your own accomdation in pak beng but its really for nothing.

Have you got any prices yet?


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HI chick

Im booked for a 2 day trip by slow boat tomorrow its cost me 1300 through my guest house.

Did you have US Dollars with you before you went or is it easy enough to get money out there?

How is Laos, I was planning on having a short stay there before heading to Vietnam but it looks like that may be unrealistic as everyone says it takes ages to travel around there.

I wanted to be back in Thailand for around the 14th giving myself some time down the south and in the Islands. But to get through Laos Vietnam and Cambodia in 2 weeks is not possible so im being told. I don't know what to do.

I have my Vietnam Visa now seems shame to waist it by not visiting there and only seeing Laos and Cambodia.

What do you think now you have been there for a while?

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Hello there!

Dont worry about changing money, they take dollars, baht and kip! Almost Everywere takes baht but everywere takes dollars.

We planned on a week here and are now here two! It is slow to travel, but if you only spend a day or two in the three places, luang prebang, vang vieng(do you want to tube?)and vientienne you can do this in a week, we were just lazy and didnt want to travel! We're heading to vietnam today, but we've given ourselves 6 weeks for laos vietnam and cambodia, I really dont think you could do it in 2 unless you only went to luang prebang in laos, (say 2 days) flew from there to hanoi, maybe do halong bay and sapa,(5 days) and fly straight to cambodia and do a couple of days there, then back to bangkok?

This is probably nothing like what you wanna do, if theres any places in particular you want to see let me know and Ill see what the easiest way to do it is.

To be honest, I would have been happy to just do luang prebang and vang vieng in laos, but you have to go to vientianne or back to luang prebang to fly out. Vientianne is really just another city and you dont have to see it.

Hope this helps!


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you can buy all the tickets at the border at huay xai for the trip to luang prabang! not sure on the prices but id say they are cheaper. was the bus down, did the slow boat in the other direction in the summer. is it possible to do the whole journey to luang prabang in one go?

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