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Is it possible to travel through Laos, Vietnam Cambodia in 7- 10 days before making my way back into Thailand? Or do I need to allow longer?

Any advise would be great


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Well so far i've been travelling 4wks and have travelled the length of Vietnam, through Cambodia and am now in Laos. I wouldn't think it was even possible to do it that quickly unless you wanted to see nothing. I've not stayed anywhere longer than 3nights and in most places only 2nights so I wouldn't say i've totally taken my time either. I'd say you definately need 2wks to see the highlights of Vietnam, maybe 3-4days in Cambodia (depends how much of Angkor Wat you want to see) and Laos is still an unknown to me as we've only been here 5days but i'd say again probably 2wks?

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i would stick to just one of them for ten days, and that still would be really rushed, i have had 3 weeks in laos which was about right, and 2 and half in cambodia if you want to see the beaches.
id recomend laos out of the 3 if you had to choose as it is fantastic.

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not a chance in hell it would take longer than that if you travelled solid and be the worst trip of your life!!!

im in vietnam now and the travelling takes a long time!!!

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Thanks for your replies

So that leaves me with the dilemma that im already booked to go to Laos tomorrow from Chiang Mai, I also already have my Vietnam visa, which i waited 5 days for otherwise would of been on my way much earlier giving myself more time, live and learn. I have a flight booked from Phuket on the 29th Nov and wanted to spend at least to weeks in southern thailand

Would Laos and Vietnam be more realistic in 10days - 2 weeks or would Laos and cambodia be better?


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If i was, i would just stick to laos for 2 weeks if you can then you can see it all. i would not rush to get to 2 or 3 as you will constantly be travelling around on buses and you will not enjoy it any where near as much. i have been to all 3 of the countrys in the last 2 months and laos is deffinatly the best, if you go do tubing in vangvieng and make sure you go to 4000 islands as thats great too. if you were adament to do 2 i would say laos and cambodia as cambodia dosent take as long, and it a nice.

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Go to Laos for 2 weeks & do Luang Prabang & Vang Vieng then only go to Vientiene so you can catch your coach to Hanoi, stay there for a couple of days, do a four day trip to Halong Bay and a few days in Sapa and i think thats about it. Time goes fast when your having fun so dont try to cram more in or you will be rushing around. If you have extra time at the end for more then bonus :-)
Have a good trip and to be honest these are the best places in Vietnam anyway!!!

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