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Can anyone recommend a good hostel in Coogee? Have done a bit of reading on what I think are the two main ones, ie Wizard of Oz and Surfside. Has anyone on here got any experience of either of these two? Is one more lively than the other?

The main thing I look for is that the place is clean and there are either lockers or somewhere safe to put your valuables.

All help greatly appreciated!

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Hi Diesel276

Surfside is supposed to be ok spoke to a few people who have stayed there and said it's clean and lockers available.

Surfside is also where the Oz intro put all the people who go through them to do the trips (as that is what i am on). Don't think they would put anyone there if place wasn't up to scratch.

Hope this helps.

Try it for nothing you can always go somewhere else once you get there if it's not for you. When you going?


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Wizard of Oz is the first place I stayed in Oz :) It's friendly with the receptionist living on site and there is an open plan living room where everyone sits at night to watch tv, drink, etc etc.

You can hire lockers from the main reception that are electronic and are really safe (but will automatically open when your time is up if you are there or not so beware) There is nowhere safe to keep your belongings in the room and i found that people tend to keep the room doors open in the room (as it's so hot) and people can wander in and out.

No air conditioning just ceiling fans that seem to move the hot air around rather than make the room any cooler but on the whole I enjoyed staying here. Close to the beach and on the main street right down the middle of Coogee :) and close to restaurants and the Coogee Bay Hotel (CBH) which is a really popular bar.

Has anyone told you about ID in Sydney and not wearing flip flops to bars? If not - it doesn't matter what age you are or how old you look you will be asked for ID going into every bar especially the CBH and flip flops are a no no as they are seen as beach wear - crazy eh?!

Hope all this info helps- please contact me if you need any further info

Enjoy Sydney - I really miss it :(


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Thanks for the replies everyone, exactly the sort of info I was after! I fly out on 22nd November, not looking forward to the flight but cant wait to I actually get to Sydney!

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Safe flight - give me a shout if you need anymore info



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I've stayed at both of those hostels recently. I am still living in Sydney at the moment. Surfside is a party hostel. The rooms are small with lots of beds and is not overly clean, but not too bad. It's right across from the beach, so it's a good location. If you are looking to party, then it's a good place to stay, but don't expect much.

The Wizard of Oz is clean with big rooms. I recommend this hostel over Surfside, although there are more people here that are working as opposed to partying. The atmosphere is still really good and it's within a 10 min walk to the beach. The biggest plus is it has big rooms and they are clean. The kitchen is quite nice as well.