Looking to go backpacking in Oct 08 but not got a clue..

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Me and my GF are looking to go pack packing at the end of Oct 08 but we dont have a clue were to start,how much we will need or even how much the flights are going to cost us?

We have got a general idea that we wanna go to the USA for a month or so... then onto Mexico for a few weeks, thn to Thailand for a month,then Bali, then New zealand and then onto Aus and if possible then onto Tokyo or somewere different?

But not got a clue how much this is going to cost us, or even if this is possible

And how much money would some recomend us taking?.... we have familly and friends in New Zealand and Aus and are looking to work in the USA

Any help is good help


Kev & Jess

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Hi all....

I thought there would have benn more feedback from my question but it is a little vague!!

We have finally thought out a plan of action, we are wanting to go to the USA for around 2 months then straight onto Tokyo for 4 days or so, then to Thailand,Fiji,Bali New Zealand for a month and then spend around 6 months trying to find a permanent home in Aus?!

Just wondering if this is hard at all?...

And could some of you all please give me some pointers or websites for air companys, othre forums and general travellers things

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Well it'd depend on what type of back packer you plan to be and if you plan on seeing many of the more expensive places in the country of choice. On average for one person I based it on $50US for USA, $50US Japan, $50US Australia, $25-30US a day Thailand, $50US New Zealand and that was for one person. You could get by cheaper in most cases but you wouldn't have many luxuries at all. So for two people take a little bit off double and you'd have an approximate average.

As for flights well it is more convenient and most likely cheaper to opt for a round the world ticket. Some of your flights would be quite pricey if bought individually. A round the world ticket may (and most likely will) require you to go to other places and maybe go to the places you want in different order to what you have stated.

You really should seriously reconsider your idea of just 4 days in Japan before moving on to Thailand. Japan is a great country to visit and what you are talking about doing would be about as criminal as going to London and spending just 1 day there and expect to see everything well! Japan is soooo much more than just Tokyo. Tokyo is an interesting city, but other places like Kyoto are must sees and that alone needs at least another 2 days and then Nara which is another 1 day and even that would only just make Japan a worthwhile option.

When in Thailand another thing you should reconsider if you can allocate a bit more time is after flying in to Bangkok get a cheap Air Asia flight to Hanoi, do a trip through Vietnam. After you have done that do a whirlwind tour of Cambodia taking in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and maybe Sihanoukville. Then get a cheap Air Asia flight from Phonm Penh-Bangkok and continue on your trip.

Not sure if on your itinerary you are meaning one month in total to see all of Thailand, Fiji, Bali and New Zealand or if you are meaning one month in each of those. If you are meaning one month in total, you are kidding yourself to belive this is a realistic option. If you are meaning one month in each of these places then you should probably reduce the time in Bali and Fiji to one month between them and then add this on to the Thailand bit to then be able to see Vietnam, Cambodia and possibly Laos as well as some of Thailand.

If you are planning to leave Australia within 12 months of the original starting date of your trip, definitely consider a round the world ticket. If you aren't then firstly see what the cost of sector fares would be but then also check a round the world ticket, but then just make the bit in the middle as direct back to home as possible to minimise the mileage. If you did get a round the world ticket but weren't planning to be back home within 12 months of the starting date of your trip, you'd then obviously just not turn up for your last flight which is where you were meant to be heading home according to the ticket. I suspect that for the itinerary you are looking at doing it would be cheaper to buy a round the world ticket even if you weren't planning to use the last bit of your ticket.

Have a great trip.

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I really really really am not sure of how it is going to go,
But all i know is that Next October me an dmy GF will be packing up for a full year and heading off somewere, we are deffiantly spending 6 months at LEAST in Aus, i have a job lined up from December onwards.

I Just wanna have a little quick look thru Japan so im guessin a week should be OK, and Fiji/Bali i will be doing a week in each depending on the price of decent accom we could do 2 weeks and hoping for a month atleast in New Zealand as my GF has familly there so no accom money needed!

But we are planning on taking £10,000 between us. do you think this would be enougth??