Want to go to Oz ALONE....a little bitty scared....

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Dropped out of uni during the summer been working non stop planning to go back to uni next september(2008) but NEED to do something in between....

....been a dream for ages to go to australia thinking of going for 3 - 4 months hopefully going to sydney, brisbane, canberra and melbourne cant wait but im kinda terrified to go myself my boyfriend aint up for it and my friends either cant afford it or have other stuff to do :( words of encouragement would b a massive help :D Im 20 years old and have never done nething as exciting as this before....IM TERRIFIED lol!!!! x x

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You should definitely go for it, you won't regret it and you'll learn so much about yourself being away from all your family and friends and what is familiar. You could work a little while in Aussie, or learn a new skill that you'd never get to at home (Jackaroo/Jillaroo course maybe?!). Whatever you decided to do while you're there, you'll have a great time, meet lots of great people, make lots of new friends and most probably catch the travel bug I've travelled Aussie a little bit myself so if you have any questions or need any more encouragement, PM me if you like!!

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No need to be scared, its very easy and fun to travel in Oz. Just do it!

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Echoing what monkee and magykal said, Go for It!

Word of warning though: You might love it so much that plans for uni next year could disappear out the window

Thinking about going on your own is the worst of it. You won't regret it! It's the best way to travel in my opinion. :)

Good luck!

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definitely go for it - loads of people travel alone in Oz so it will be easy enough to hook up with fellow travellers if you want to. Australia is totally geared up for backpackers so you will find it really easy to plan and get around. I would recommend Lonely Planet as its geared towards independent travel on a budget.
i travelled round oz alone so let me know if you want any more advice.

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Am not the best with advice, I'm planning the same, I head off 12 days & I just say well what's the worst that could happen?, you come home.......

actually I don't recommend you watch the film Wolf Creek!.......but.......yeah it's something that not many people in this world get the oppertunity to do

So as for the going alone bit, like many people have said as long as your friendly and open to different things meeting people won't be a problem.......

& keeping reading this site, I've received so many good tips/advice thanks to it ;)

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What an amazing trip! Quick question for you though.....are you going to use your Working holiday visa for this trip? The reason why i'm asking is I met a lot of people who were only going for a few months and regretted using theirs coz they loved it so much and wanted to come back later after Uni.

Any questions give me a shout


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GO FOR IT!!!! You don't know what will happen in 5 minutes time let alone in a year or so after uni. Boyfriend's come and go and if this one is such an inconsiderate and doesn't even want to travel with you to allow you to fulfil some of your dreams, then obviously you aren't the type of couple that will last forever so either get rid of him before you go or make it clear to him that you will be coming back and still want to be with him when you come back but because he wont come you must go alone.

It's possible that walking up the street tomorrow you could have a brain hemerage like someone I know did and this would change everything straight away. Don't waste you life thinking will I? won't I? should I? shouldn't I? etc just go and buy your ticket ASAP and do it! You will not regret the decision you are finding hard at the moment.

You will have a wicked time and you will probably get bitten by the travel bug and never want your trip to end. When it's coming to the end of your trip if you are anything like I was when travelling (and still are), you'll wish you could turn back time until the start of your trip and put your life on slow motion. So what your friends can't come, that just makes the adventure more personalised and also means you only have to worry about what you want and not what your mates want. When you get back and they find out what a wicked time you had it'll make them so envious of you and they'll probably head of doing the same as you'll have done.

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