Coming to USA in Oct 08 and need some info please

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Me and my Gf are going on a RTW year trip and we are starting in the USA

Not really sure about were in the US we wanna travel but i think we wanna do some of the big cities ie: LA,Miami and New York but then wanna try find a bar job in the midwest somewere and settle for a month or so??

Does anyone know how much this will cost?... how much itll be to rent a car or even if its possible to drive this distance??

Any info is good info

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Well, it's possible, but most of the rental car companies charge a "drop-off" fee for one-way car rentals. Try to find a place where this is as low as possible. Also, when you rent a car, be sure to try to get weekly and promotional rates as opposed to daily rates, since the former are much, much cheaper.

If you plan to visit the big cities, figure out which ones--and then plan to fly coast-to-coast (I suggest east to west)--and then fly or drive from there to the midwest city or cities you are interested in.

As far as midwest cities, you need to consider what you are interested in--large cities (Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, St. Louis), ski resorts (Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Taos, New Mexico; Aspen, Colorado; Vail, Colorado), college towns (Bloomington, Indiana; Columbia, Missouri; Boulder, Colorado) or a town that's a bit of a mix of the categories (Madison, Wisconsin; Austin, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Salt Lake City, Utah). Note: I don't recommend Salt Lake City too much for someone wanting to work as a barman since only about half of the adults there drink alcohol (Utah has mostly Mormons). Other possible towns that are both large and college towns (although not really in the midwest) are Phoenix, Arizona and Pittsburgh, Pensylvania.

Good luck to both of you. Enjoy

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may i ask before suggesting anything if you are 420 friendly?and also what type of vacation are the 2 of you looking for?

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I looked at your profile, but there is nothing there. Be aware if you are under 25 yrs old, there is usually a surcharge when renting a car here in the US. Most companies will not rent to anyone under 21 yrs old and add the surcharge between 21-25. If you are going to be in the US at least two months, then buying a used car/van may be a better option than renting. Crunch the numbers on renting for your time period and then compare to a used car at around $1,500-2,000. Sell it when ready to leave.

I am not familiar with our laws in regard to visitors working while in the US, but I doubt that it is legal. You will have to find someone willing to break the law or work 'off the books'. Perhaps other TP members can weigh in on working in the US w/o a work permit.