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I have heard that it is illegal to smoke in parts of kenya including mombassa, is this throughout, will i be able to smoke anywhere, like in the hotel or on safari?

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Well, smoking has been banned in Kenya actually but the towns that are implementing this are Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa.

In Nairobi the local authorities have designated smokers to a certain area called the "smoking zone". This you will have to ask around when you are there but I think its located in an area called "the Jevanjee Gardens".

In Mombasa, you cant smoke on the streets so be careful, you might get arrested and am not sure where they have designated the smoking zones but don't worry if you want to light up, there are hotels within that don't mind smokers, so always ask and you will be told if its free smoke or smoking zone.

The issue here is this, smoking has been banned on the streets of the major cities but as you go to the rural areas you will discover not so many people take this seriously so all in all its better to be careful and always ask before you light a stick up.

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Banning smoking on the streets? Because of what? Litter?
Or do you mean hasj, instead of regular cigarettes?
They'd better be banning that old cars with thick black smoke, much worse.

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Thanks for your help, i take it i wont be able to light up when i arrive at the airport?

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You are correct,smoking has been banned in most of major towns in kenya,and more so in Nairobi,Nakuru and Mombasa,but only on public areas.Avoid lighting a cigar in the street, bus stop,shopping mails etc.But in most hotels and bars they have places set aside for the smokers and non-smokers.During the safari you can smoke as long as you take care of the environment,don't drop the cigar parts in the park.this is to observe cleanliness and to prevent fire breakout.If you are travelling with other people in the same van try to request them if they mind if you smoke.In the kenyan villages people smoke anywhere.Smoking is not can walk around with your cigar without any problem.

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Quite ridiculous when you consider the pollution from all those diesel bikes,cars etc...I imagine though I have not been there yet , that it is typical of third world countries in the sanitary sector. I do believe in never leaving my butts anywhere i practice the same here in Canada and how close to the airport is there a place to have a cigarrete??!!!just in case we end up there.....does anyone know where sanity for us smokers close by???