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I'm going to be travelling from Glasgow to Lithuania (not sure how yet! Boat, eurostar via France - open to suggestions) and am looking for advice on the best places to go, itineraries, best places to stay, what to avoid, be aware of and how much money is ideal to have.

I'm going here then getting trans-siberian to Beijing then onto NZ for a year so don't want to go mad with money

All info and suggestions are greatly appreciated


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The cheapest way to get to Lithuania would be to fly - looking at your route ideas I guess you're avoiding flying.

The only direct ferry route from the middle of Scotland to Central Europe is from Rosyth to Zeebrugge with Superfast Ferries, at the bargain basement price of £40. You'd need to get to brussels, and from there you could get a bus on to Vilnius (95 Euros with Eurolines, there are probably cheaper options).

St Pancras to Brussels is going to cost £44 one way and take two hours - obviously you'd have to get to London first.

Check out for details of going all the way by train.

Just for completeness - Ryanair fly Prestwick to Kaunas from £15 inc. tax.

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Thanks for the info :)

Yeh, was going to attempt to go over land as much as possible but if it becomes a stupid amount of money to do that I'll just jump on a plane :(

Have you been there? Any idea on how much money to take for the 3 countries?


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ih eard that friendly fun franks (or some equally stupid name!) backpackers in Riga is great. a real party place and dirt cheap to stay there. they organise fo ryou to go out at night and can give you loads of advice and sometimes they apparently take you places like bobsledding, into old russian bunkers to shoot AK47s and things like that...

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Hi Sam - I've been to Latvia and Estonia, but it wasn't a budget trip - we stayed in fairly expensive hotels etc. They are definitely worthwhile places to visit though.

I think you could do it quite cheaply if you were careful - Alus Seta in Riga, for example, was a good place serving 'authentic' Latvian food where a big plate was less than £3. Given that the hostels that advertise on this site have beds for about £5 per night, I'm guessing £15 per day would be a reasonable minumum.

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I've been to Lithuania and Latvia. Those countries are pretty cheap to stay and to live, exept for Riga.
I went there by Eurolines from Brussels to Vilnius, cheap but a horrible 32-hours trip.
To travel from one place to another in the Baltics is really cheap and easy.