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I am an American citizen and I want to plan a trip to visit my girlfriend in Singapore for a week and then take a train to Thailand for a week. My girlfriend has been going to school in India for three months already and will be there for another six months. So I really really want to take the trip to see her because I miss her so much. She suggested that we meet in Singapore.

I should be able to meet all of the entry requirements for Singapore and Thailand, but I am concerned because I was convicted of a felony in the United States back when I was still a teenager. That has been over ten years ago and it was relatively minor offense, but still a felony none the less.

I have a U.S. passport and I will have adequate funds, and forwarding tickets, but I really hope that a stupid criminal offense from over ten years ago when I was a teenager will not keep me from being able to travel to these countries at all.

Can anyone tell me if this will be a problem when I try to enter these countries? I keep searching and searching on the internet and I can't find any solid answers to these questions. I even called a few of Singapore's American consulate offices and they all said that they did not think I would have a problem if I have a U.S, passport, but they were not really sure.

Thank You for reading and I really hope someone can help give me some answers.

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hey there,

i dont think your going to have a problem at all i also had a stupid minor offence

around 2-3 years ago and i just spent a month in thailand back in june and i had no problems

gettin in to the country at all!

plus im headin back there next year on my big trip so im pretty sure you will be fine :).

i just had a look as well to see if there would be any problems and couldnt find anythin

that should stop you.

hope ive helped in some way :) have fun matey

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Wouldn't worry, they WANT you to visit and spend money, only in the USA do they like to hassle tourists at the airport and send them back over nothing. The arrogance has gotten a bit out of control. Singapore is a great place and going through the airport has ALWAYS been hassle free. Same with Thailand - think about taking the train from Singapore, thru Malaysia, to Thailand. 7 hours Sing to KL, 7 more KL to Penang. Great train ride, beautiful scenery - nice and relaxing. Bon Voyage Dude, Zoom

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Thank you both for responding. I feel so much better about the whole thing now. I was really worried because it is so much time and money to get over there, but I know it will be amazing.

Thanks for the advice on the train ride too.

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