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HI everyone,

I'm wendy and i'm considering studying in melborne.
I'm considering the followin courses - Accounting
-Hospitalilty, tourism and managemen .
Please advice me on what i should look out for .


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There's not a lot of detail here to go with and it probably depends on what you want to do for a career and how long you want to study, but here's some basics for you:

Accounting: It's probably best to do this as a Bachelor degree (3 yrs) since it requires more education. Accounting is usually under Commerce or Business, where you select an Accounting major. In a rough order of the hardest to easiest to get into are:
Melbourne Uni, Monash Uni, RMIT, Deakin Uni, La Trobe Uni, Swinburne Uni, Victoria Uni. I think they all offer commerce or business

Hospitality: This would be done through what we call a TAFE course, which is much cheaper and less theoretical than a university degree. Courses are usually around 6 months - 2 years depending on how far you wanna go. Box Hill TAFE, Homesglen TAFE, Charles Sturt (i think) are a couple.

Tourism I don't really know much about, im guessing it's probably somewhere inbetween, may also come under a "Communications" degree. If by management you mean business management then see Accouting above. There may also be courses like Hospitality Management that are done through TAFE, not sure on this.

All of the institutions I've mentioned would have websites, so have a look around :)

I did a Commerce (Marketing major though) degree at Deakin so if theres any more info you want on that let us know!


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Hi Eric

Thanks for the advice.. But if i remember correctly, I thought there was a course that includes all 3 , Hospitality, management and tourism?


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Hey, I'm currently finishing up my course of study in Hotel and Tourism Management, so yes there are programs that fit all 3 into one focus. I did study in Sydney but only went for general courses, so I can't tell you specifics about Australian University. However I would definately recomment Hotel and Tourism Management it is a great and diverse field, and includes everything from hotels, restaurants, bars, gambling, cruises, golf courses, airlines, tour companies and everything in between. Also this gives you basics in Management, which is useful in more fields than just hospitality should you decide to switch or overlap careers.

Good Luck and if you have any questions about this field of study let me know.