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Helo Travellers

I recently stayed in a hostel in Swiss Cottage, London. It's my first stay in a hostel in England (yes, I am a 'backpacker' in my own country). Anyways, there was a bed bug infestation in my bunk and I was eaten alive one night. Horrible little things, I felt dirty and abused

On complaining it turns out the hostel knew of the problem and had been 'treating' it for the last 3 months. Essentially, the managers tactic was to lay down poison to kill off the bugs then let people sleep in the room to draw out the bugs with their CO2/heat ommisions, thereby coming out of their hidey holes, crossing the poison, and with a bit of luck, will die in the process.

I have to say I thought this a little flawed. I got my money back and money to launder my clothes but still there was no compensation for my own personal violation and lost time at work.

Surely knowingly allowing guests to sleep in a infestation is illegal. Are there laws against this kind of thing? Any similar experiences?


(looking forward to his next trip in 3 weeks, yay....)

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I totally feel your pain - they are the itchiest bites ever!

Basically every hostel I've stayed at in Australia had them - most times I was lucky not to get bitten but when I did there was no compensation and I defo did not get my money back so the guy in your hostel did more than the average person!

Not sure if there are any laws but there should be

Sam :)

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That is a bugger indeed Phil! If you booked the hostel through Travellerspoint, definitely let me know! I will let the booking agency know and the hostel might well see itself removed from the booking system till they fix the issue. That should help speed up the process rather nicely

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Hello Phileas:)

That place u refer to is not the only establishment in Europe which has bed bugs, at the moment.
I think I got bitten by a few in the hostel in Berlin, last time I was there.
I dont think it would be possible to legally claim compensation for time off work, since why would u need to take time off work for bed bug bites. They dont remain on the body and they dont spread diseases. They are in reality no worse than getting bitten by mosquitos in Europe. As far as I see the hostel owner in London is taking measures to get rid of them. The only quick and sure way to immediately rid a building of them would be to burn it down, which would be an over reaction to insects which do nothing worse than give bites which later itch.
They were irradicated in Europe for several decades, but looks like they are back. Hopefully they will soon be irradicated again because I am not too keen on the thoughts of crawlies drinking my blood. But demanding to not pay the hostel fee, and demanding money to have laundry cleaned when the things dont live in clothers and talking legal action is a bit much.