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I am thinking of traveling to Australia ( next year nov/dec) to live for a year and want to know which city has the best night life and a large surfing culure with nice beaches and hott weather? Also is that city easy to get a job/place at?... Perth, sydny, Byrons Bay...?
Any sugustions would be helpful!

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Surfers Paradise has all of what you requested but it's not a place that as a tourist you would probably love to live and work long-term. Housing is at a premium there as people from Victoria and New South Wales are moving up there at a rate of something like 1000 people a week! When I was up there last I saw quite a few jobs advertised, but most were not really the sort of thing that backpackers who want to travel would be after. Byron Bay is another place that is alright but not a place that you'd want to base yourself long-term. If surfing is a big thing for you as the name suggests Surfers Paradise is a paradise for surfers. It has some of the best surfing beaches in Australia there (ones where Australian surfing competitions are held annually). It has about 300 days a year of sun and rarely gets below 20C during the day.

Sydney has probably the best of the night life and not far from the city it has some good beach/surf areas, but their is no escaping the fact that it is very expensive to live there. You would barely have enough for living expenses let alone enough to save up to travel some of your time in Australia. I've spoken to a few people who did a working holiday in Australia and made the mistake of spending most their time in Sydney. They told me how they are regretting that now (I can understand why they would). During the Christmas/New Year period Sydney is the place to be but the weather can get unbearably hot during this time. Most the year Sydney has cool weather but over the summer time it gets very hot.

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I lived in Sydney for 18 months - got caught in the 'sydney trap' I suppose but I also travelled up the east coast to Cairns while I was there. Unlike what the previous post said I had no problem at all saving money, I lived in Bondi and shared with 2 other people in a great apartment and it wasn't crazy money, I earned ok money working in an office but didn't find it difficult to save. My flat mates surfed most morning before work and I would go swimming or running - it's a great lifestyle.

Bryon Bay is amazing but not sure what the work is like there, it's not a huge place. Surfers is great but like the last post said, it's expensive and I honestly wasn't totally sold on the beach - maybe it was just the time of year I was there or maybe coz I'm not a surfer!

Perth is pretty cool as is the rest of Western Oz - they call is the 'real australia' and is really different from the east - work is easy to come by too.

I totally agree that you shouldn't spend your whole time in Sydney but if you do don't stress about it - there's a reason why people stay there so long - coz it's a great place!