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Hi all,

We are planning a 20 day vacation in Europe sometime around March - April 2008.
The major places that we want to cover are London, Paris, 1 city in Netherlands, 1 city in Switzerland and 2-3 cities in Italy.
Here's what I need help with.....

1) What would be the most economical route.
2) Where should we start ? Well we are starting from India, but I need to know which country should we fly to first.
3) What is the best way to travel between countries - air or rail?
4) What is the best way to travel within a country?
5) Are all these places actually possible in 20 days?
6) Is it easy to get reasonale accomodation? We are not looking to stay at youth hostels.
7) I have no idea how much this is going to cost me....!

Thanks in advance for your help... :-)

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1. It really depends on where you fly into, but just say you fly into London, I'd go London - Paris - Netherlands (Amsterdam) - Switzerland (Zurich is really cool) - Italy - Fly home...

2. Depends on where you fly into, just do some research on how cheap flights are into the places you want to go and work from there...

3/4. Rail! The rail networks in Europe are the best in the world, so organised and the views you'll get by the train are incredible even if the journeys are abit longer than by flight. Flying will also be way more expensive...

5. Yeah easily, it depends on how much time you want to spend in each place, but it's easily done.

6. Accomodation is usually quite cheap and affordable, but Youth Hostels in my opinion are just as good (and nice) as some hotels. And if you don't want to stay with other people in a dorm usually there are 2/4/6 bedrooms rooms for people sharing...and it's much cheaper. But yeah accomodation is easy to find in most places. Just look around.

7. Nor do I, but if you just plan a budget, for example, how much money a day you'll need on food/accomodation/other stuff/travelling it should be relatively easy to figure out...

also check out as i reckon you sshould use the ticket on your trip...

hope that helps you out a bit!

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well i have do disagree somewhat with the statement that rail is cheaper than flying... it CAN be, but not always! budget airlines like ryanair, easyjet etc are usually pretty cheap, i have a flight from holland to valencia for 45euros... and flying out of london can be really cheap. of course, sometims real IS cheaper! you have to shop around... however travellign within a country, rail 100%..

if you come to amsterdam then id suggest a private room in a hostel, as alot of them are just as good/average as a hotel and are cheaper. space is a premium here, and so everything is small... get a hostel, youll save urself paying more money for something only margianally beter... expect to pay anything between 40-60euros a nite for a hostel private room, or 80euros up for a hotel room.

i also agree with voyagers route, tho if you can get a cheaper flight to amsterdam from london instead of paris your route will be just as good!