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1. Posted by Not Lost (Full Member 132 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm planning to spend about 3 months in the following countries:-

Turkey - 7 days
Greece - 20 days
Croatia - 10 days
Slovenia - 7 days
Italy - 20 days
Switzerland - 10 days
France/Germany (havent decided which yet) - 14 days

I have about 3500 euros to cover transport, accommodation and everything else. I'm happy to stay in hostel dorms, happy to cook my own food, will not be spending lots of time paying to get into museums and happy to travel by bus, I dont do alot partying or drinking.

Would my budget be enough??? Or is it wishful thinking???

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I reckon that's about enough, atleast 1000 of those euros will be spent on Hostel rooms I'd say...but if you have some more money in reserve thats always good... It also depends what else you are going to be doing with you're money!

Also you have to go to Germany, Berlin and Munich are two of the best places I was in while inter-railing (along with Vienna) 7 Days in France/ 7 Days in Germany, everyone wins!

Also just to let you know, prices vary dramatically, Slovenia/Turkey/Greece/Croatia should all be relatively cheap compared to Switzerland/France/Italy...

I'm not sure about travelling by Bus, never did it, but I'd go by Train, just because it's much nicer and it's not that expensive...

Hope some of that helped...

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if you wanna save some money, check out www.eurolines.com its a bus service, it CAN take ages, but you can get night busses which cover accom and transport in one. not a comfy sleep, but ya know, backpackers dont live a comfy life really!

4. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

That is about 38 EUR per day - that means you are cutting it real tight. It is an ok budget for Turkey, Croatia and Slovenia, but you'll be really pressed for money in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Greece.

I travelled around on 35 EUR per day in Italy, but then I had all my transport costs already covered and I took my bike and a tent along. For Switzerland a minumum daily budget is approx. 55 EUR per day and person, while for the other countries you need at least 45 EUR per day and person. (I highly recommend taking at least 50 EUR per day and person.)

So I believe your plans are wishful thinking - you might get by on 3500 EUR, but you'll often go hungry and see most sights only from the outside. Take 4000 EUR for the full 90 days or travel for 75 days - it is your choice.

My tips for managing on a very tight budget:

  • Spent more time in Turkey and Slovenia, less in Greece and no time at all in Switzerland.
  • Take a tent along. In Italy I spent on average 10 EUR per night, just because I travelled with a tent.
  • With a tent (and a bike) it is possible to camp wild if you travel from late April onwards and have the guts to do it, thus saving you lots of money this way.
  • Bring cooking gear. I have army silverware, the british army issue esbit cooker and a small pan. I often heat cheap canned soup on it or fry an egg. Buy any gas cooker in Europe, otherwise the cartouches might not fit.
  • Plan your journey carefully. Write out what you want to see and how much it is going to cost you. How much for a hostel bed in a certain city? How much for transport between two points? What is the cheapest way to get from A to B?
  • Avoid buying a Eurail pass, mix and match bus, train and budget flights instead.
  • With budget flights it is very important to plan and book way in advance.

As for deciding between Germany and France: Germany has something called Laender-Tickets, which is a very cheap method of getting around by train. You don't have that for France. There are other good train ticket deals for France, but they involve crossing the border from Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands by train.