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Basically, I am going into STA tomorrow to book my bus for the east coast. I am going for 37 days, starting in Cairns and finishing in Sydney for New Year. I'm spending 9 days in Cairns initialls and also will have 5 days in one location along the gold coast for Christmas.

The problem that I have is, I want to travel with Greyhound as its more flexible and if we don't like a place we don't have to hang around. I also feel that we are not there for that long and we dont have time to do the more touristy compulsory stops as we have to be in particular places for Christmas and New Year. On the other hand, the girl that I am traveling with wants to go with Oz Experience as she feels that it will be more fun and easier to meet people and easier to get to our accommodation (STA told us that the Greyhound busses sometimes stop off in the middle of nowhere).

In an aim not to fall out over this, I initially said that I would just give in and go with Oz Ex, but after speaking to friends in Oz they said that I would definitely not get to see the levels of culture that I could stopping off at smaller places with the Greyhound bus.

I would really like to know who you feel has the best opinion.

Sorry if I have written loooooooads, I have just been panicking so much.

Thanks in advance,

PS. Sorry for calling it conundrum! I kind of subconsciously did it and then tried to change it but couldnt. Really a bit confused why I did that, but sorry any way. x

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It is a conundrum of sorts, isn't it?

You don't have to worry about meeting people in East Coast Australia, Oz Experience or not.

Personally I would go for Greyhound. It's not really true about the stopping off in the middle of nowhere thing - I used Greyhound and got off at Mission Beach, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton and Hervey Bay. The only place where we were any distance from accomodation was Hervey Bay, but all of the hostels run free shuttles to the coach stop.

I imagine that STA are on pretty decent commission for selling Oz Experience, they seem to advertise it pretty heavily.

Whether Oz Experience would be 'more fun' I think depends on what you like doing really - check out these threads for an idea:

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I think it all depends upon the kind of person that you are - a traveller or on a holiday. If the latter then Oz Experience is possibly the trip for you - partys, hard drinking, hung over mornings etc. On the other hand you are a more independent traveller with Greyhound. Meeting people will not be a problem with either choice.

magykal!'s comments re bus stops and STA commissions are probably spot on.

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Don't worry, Greyhound stops at all the major destinations as well as the smaller towns inbetween. The other replies here are correct, if you're wanting more of a party then Oz Ex is probably your kinda thing, whereas Greyhound will just serve as your mode of transport between places :)