Scared of India but know i've gotta do it... can u help?

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hi, my husband and are recently married and in May next yr are considering a trip to india for a honeymoon. 2 yrs ago we went on a RTW trip and so consider ourselves quite travel savvy and up for new experiences etc. However, we are planning on a 3wk maximum trip and do not necessarily need to be on a tight budget this time round. Obviously we want value for money but in such a short timeframe and with it being our honeymoon, I (personally) want a little luxury (im not talking 5 star, just not hostels).

I must admit, although i have seen many sights having visited china, laos, cambodia and many more, India scares me a little. We would like to do the golden triangle (as my husband wants to see the main sights within these). We will start in Delhi then go to Agra but have heard jaipur could be missed. My first Q` is Where should we head to after Agra? My husband has said he def wants to visit The Ganges. I would like our finish the trip with some beach luxury...Kerala interests me, what would be the best way to get here? If not Goa is a possibility...the best way to get here?? and which resort may be best for some TLC?

Really, im looking for suggestions on iteniary, recomendations of routes to take, advice on how to get there (our budget for food/accomodation/visits/travel will be £600 - 700 each for 3 wks)...what will this afford us in terms of quality of living. What about recommendations for flights from London in to Delhi and then internal flights south?

lots to answer i know, but even if you could help with 1 thing, it'd be a great help.



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First of all, don't be scared of India. It's intense, frustrating, and sometimes depressing, but it's nothing to be scared of. I personally found China to be more of a challenge than India. The one good thing about India is that there is less of a language barrier than anywhere in Asia (especially China) since just about everyone speaks some level of English.
One thing to remember is that things in India take time. The best way to ruin a perfectly good stay in India is to try to do too much, which will inevitably result in frustration and exhaustion. You don't want this on your honeymoon. So pick one town for every 4 or so days of you trip and relax and take it easy. So maybe over the course of 3 weeks you are looking at maybe 6 destinations max.
But where to go? That's a tough one. Places that I would consider because to me they are very romantic and suited for a honey moon are: Udaipur - one of the most beautiful towns in the country, surrounding a lake (often dry though but still worth going to).
Jaisalmer - a dessert town with a massive fort looking like something out of a fairytale. There are many hotels in the fort overlooking the desert, and a nice room with a view here would be very romantic.
Agra - of course you have to see the Taj on a honeymoon, being the monument of love and all.
Orchha - very close to Agra. I think it's a romantic because of how quiet it is, and it may be the only place in India where you'll be left alone by touts and rickshaw drivers. It's got several beautiful old palaces surrounded by jungled countryside, and is a great place just to relax for a couple days away from the rest of the tourists.
Varanasi - Maybe not romantic, but far and away the most interesting city in India if not the world. If your husband wants to see the Ganges, this is the place to see it.
The backwaters of Kerala - Quiet, beautiful, and relaxing, a houseboat on the backwaters for a couple days would be ideal for a honeymoon. And not too far away are the beach resorts of Varkala and Kovalam.
The problem of course is that you probably can't see all of these in only 3 weeks. But maybe you could plan your trip roughly as 2 weeks in the North seeing a couple of the must sees in Rajasthan/and or Varanasi, and then fly down to Trivandrum or Cochin for your last week in Kerala.
Maybe hiring a car and driver to save time and hassles getting around Rajasthan would be a good idea.

For money - I think you have quiet a bit. Between you you have about 67 pounds to spend a day. My girlfriend and I budgeted 12 pounds a day for two and rarely spent that much. So you are looking at almost 6 times more than we had to spend. I don't think it's enough to constantly splurge on fancy hotels and whatever, but you'll be able to afford a car or a higher class train, three nice meals a day, and midrange or better hotels without having to worry too much.

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Thank you so much for your help, even if i dont get any other posts, ill be happy...every question answered. Thanks again.

1 more thing. Internal airlines to use? Any ideas?


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hi Louise,

I think Dego has answered all ur questions beautifully. I agree with him that u should spend 2 weeks in the north and spend the remaining time in Kerala. The golden triangle of Agra-Delhi-jaipur is not to be missed and each of the places are separated by 3-4 hours by road. Apart from the golden traingle, u can explore the colourful towns of Udaipur and Jaisalmer.
Since ur on a honeymoon, u can also consider visiting Khajuraho, which are world famous for their erotic sculptures:)

Regarding the internal flights, many budget airlines are available, like


Apart from these, regular carriers are also available for domestic flights, u can check these also

Do let me know if u need any more info


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